Carbon Jet Spud | Freebord Bindings | Single VESC | 10S3P LG HG2

either its me getting more confident on the board, or I had my head free of the gorgeous carving of my vanguard OR calibers just suit me better than these extremely smooth ronins … my conclusion: even in 44+6° caliber setting, it was a very fun and also stable ride. ran the spud down a 15% slope a few times, carving was a little more extreme and with higher frequency than the raceboard like vanguard swings, was able to slow down the board more like that though - last bit of the slope I opened up to get some speed - probably up to 45kph and it didnt really feel shaky like on my first night with the ronins. board is somewhere in between my gbomb 60°/20° pump setup and my tesseract and it definitely helps my confidence to know that I cant wheelbite. :relaxed:

was a suprisingly smooth ride too - stiff board and kegels, couldve been a lot worse. Im not actually sure yet why it didnt feel worse … :ghost:

thumbsup, now I need my alien order! :alien:

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@whitepony This is such beautiful and interesting build. Your CF skills are amazing. Definitely one of the most appealing, intriguing and well executed street builds I have seen so far. Give me one of these, and one of @longhairedboy’s boards, and I’d probably quit the DIY thing and be a happy rider.

I’m really wanting to try some of those bindings now. I bet if you came up with a lightweight CF version of those, you could sell enough to put an American kid through half a semester of college, aka, a ridiculous amount of money.

Keep up the great work, and excellent documentation of your builds. Always a pleasure to see what you’re up to next. :thumbsup:


its funny that you say that … Ive been thinking the last few weeks and months about spending more time buildings things for others.

had a lot of requests about various things - carbon, boards, enclosures and a lot about batteries. Ive sold a few evolve carbon batteries with reasonable profit that funded at least one build.

but then I see people like chaka & jason, openly arguing with impatient customers who break things all the time because they dont know about all the details and things you probably shouldnt do. or going down the 3rd party way, fiddling with chinese to make stuff cheap. its all things I wouldnt want to do at all!! so I feel I am a lot better off by just making things for myself and keeping it a hobby :relaxed:


Nope. You’re more like nowind, building really top, elite boards. Rise the price, you will only have few but loyal and happy customers. Chaka & jason lowered the price and got lots of shit. This is how it works.


I feel you on this, I’ll get a request here and there but if I can’t trust the experience/responsibility of the rider it becomes almost like a moral obligation to NOT assist them in hurting themselves, especially after seeing my friend get hurt. I mainly stick with close friends and local folks that I can physically assist. You have a great DIY philosophy man and it’s why your threads are keeping things alive.

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small updates during waiting:

decided to give the battery a wrap in 2mm thick felt to protect it a little better from vibrations and impacts:

shrink tubed and added felt to the enclosure as well. you can see the new early march vesc order from enertion that finally arrived - one with 2 caps, the other with 3! curious how they will perform … my very first vesc was a china enertion vesc thats the only one that hasnt died on me yet! :smile:

and ah well, I didnt want to do it, but since I wanted to clean bushings & pivot anyway, put the motor on heelside and switch to foc I finally stole the tesseract trucks, mount, motor and wheels for the spud. poor tesseract, not sure if ill keep riding it with vanguard and spud around. it rides so well, but the vanguard is just doing basically everything better. :pensive:

plan for now is: when my aps mount arrives, my project will be to make it work with the cronins, then Ill take the enertion mount and re-use it on the tesseract. :relaxed:

anyway, abecs, no wheelbite, love satin red rum, rspec for now, setting it up with foc later! :heart_eyes:


How do you plan to make it work with cronins? I’ve been trying to make it work with my torque motor mounts

hm, not sure if enertion tests the vesc under load, but one of the two new vescs came in with a DRV8302 error before I even got started with setting it up (connect, notebook -> up downarrow -> red blinking LED & DRV8302 faults in console). other vesc is working fine on the same setup … :pensive:

sucks big time man! lucky you ordered two though :slight_smile:

back in march when I ordered it was 2 enertion vescs for the price of 1 german vesc with the note that they will ship from europe, ie no customs. so, even though I wanted to support the europe/german guys, I had a hard time just paying double the amount.

so when I finally got the enertion vescs after a few months delay, they shipped from australia, i.e. I had to pay 51€ customs. and now, ontop of that, one isnt working, both have crappy 50V caps and the receiver pins point right at 42V. :joy_cat:

bottom line: I feel pretty stupid now for not buying a tested high quality vesc in germany. :smile_cat:


meanwhile there is also French and UK VESC’s floating around, so lets hope it’s going to be easier with the VESC’s in the future, have a good one still!

soldered the sunk in wires directly to the 2nd vesc and replaced the 50V caps with 2x 63V 2200uF which I still had around from my trampa cap bank. :yum:

tried out current control - forward backward wrooom wroooom, will be fun :smile:

I feel like just charging the battery, hardwire vesc to battery, screw on the enclosure and empty one battery tomorrow. yes, thats what I will do! :innocent:


Is your 10S3P battery just your standard design like the 10s4p you did for your topspeed? Or is it different?

Can you tell me more about the advantages of angled risers?


there is no real advantage, in this case even a disadvantage because I would rather use a 44° truck angle … but 50s isnt too bad actually. :slight_smile:

problem is: 1/2" risers are never made from rubber, at least I couldnt find them in my online skateshops - but I wanted rubber shockpads for some additional damping. these angled risers were made from rubber and their large side is 1/2".

now, they add 6° to a truck, i.e. if you take a caliber 44 with that riser, its as if you got a caliber 50s with a 1/2" riser. BUT: the riser is made from rubber and somehow the angled one looks a LOT better than a comparable 1/2" flat riser. and there is your advantage :smile:

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forgot about this: okp sent me APS cronin adapters, gotta work a little on them for 15mm belt but overall they are a good fit. now the main problem is that the motor hits the truck baseplate. Ill try with long belts and maxing the APS mount length, if that doesnt work I might try to design my own mount and ask @Nowind to help me out on the cnc milling part! :hugging:

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Nice, I dig the angles and I’m going to try this on my Hi5ber deck. It might be why I enjoy the ride on my modded skateboard deck. I found these soft angled risers:

Now with that angle, what size bolts will I need to use?

ah, nice, looks very soft with 60A, that should help with damping!

you probably need 1.25" or maybe even 1.5" bolts. think it worked for me with 1.25" because the spud isnt very thick! most likely getting away with 1" bolts for the slim side of that riser. but I can only speculate! that angled riser is apparantly 5/8" at the thick and 1/8" at the thin side!

bolts dont cost anything anyway and its something thats always good to have in your skateboard treasurebox, so just buy some sets! :smiley:

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argh, Im dead! :skull_crossbones:

did my maidens ride, was giving myselfs mental highfives the whole time, board rides really good, even stable to my max 45kph, carved pretty nicely and its suprisingly soft and well damped which I still dont understand!! no rattling at all and FOC also works well on the rspecc, especially at trick speed (read: VERY SLOW!!!) - then I found a school with a nice schoolyard and the 13yo boy in me immediately rode in there and practiced ollies, 180s and wheelies with current control in both directions. had a BLAST I gotta say …

… until my motor with mount came off. :laughing: one of the clamp screw got loose somehow and I finally lost it somewhere, the other held the clamp tight for a while, but finally bent from the impacts which eventually sealed the deal.

fuck, and all that at 30degree and 10km off home. :tired_face: I went to the next closest house, asked for some tools to take the mount off (cause I didnt find the 2nd screw), then I pushed home and took a shower. :sweat_smile:

must say, overall Im really happy - that board rides as good as the tesseract and, even though the spud is stiffer, its somehow taking rough pavement a lot better and I JUST DONT GET IT. it carves really well and the bindings while carving are giving a really cool locked in feeling - a little like a raceboard. what I loved most was, that you can now lean not only with bringing weight to your heel or toes, but also by applying pressure with the arch of your foot. great feeling!

and well, the small tricks I made - jumped a few sidewalks with 20kphish, but felt a little shaky still, so I focused on practicing clean ollies, but thats really something for slow speed for now until I feel more confident! :slight_smile:

by the way: the board weights basically 7kg! I blame the heavy flywheels and the bindings! it feels quite nice on the feet though, much better than my 13kg trampa!


Board looks great!

What washer set up are you running on the trucks? It looks nice :slight_smile: