Carbon Stealth Bomber | Dual Hubs | Dual VESC | 10S3P 18650 | Freebord Bindings

Noted. Will do. I would also enjoy bringing up the shine a bit.

very nice sharp features!

i got very bad experience with epoxy coating - always had air bubbles somehow that i didnt manage to kill with the youtube epoxy coating tricks. my stuff definitely looked a lot better out of the box with wet 600grit+ sanding

Air bubbles are unavoidable when adding additional coats of epoxy. You can get rid of them by color sanding it, and then adding a layer of clear coat if you want to make it to look professional.

fully cut out and assembled.


Very nice. U beat me to the vacuum infusion.

Motors are on their way and I’ll send you the tracking today.

For the lid maybe have a smoother edge as the 90degree edge is a weak spot I think.

In the future, I intend to make a better, curved edge, maybe with some clay or something. Excited for the motors! The last item I am waiting for!!!

Ok. No progress today. I streaked myself on the asphalt today. Temporarily unable to move well. Gonna play it easy for now. Updates to come when I decide what power supply I am going to buy. Probably the 10S 5Ah E-bike one from Supower. May need a different connector, though. I like theirs, but at the same time, it’s too big for my taste.

awh, been there recently, crash at 40kph because of a large patch of suprise gravel :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

its a good first try but you should be more patient and take a step back more often. the mounting holes look very random right now and you switched the carbon diagonal texture pattern board->enclosure which makes the enclosure much more obvious & visible.

for rounded edges, there are router bits! check this out to learn something about your router:

keep it up :sunglasses:

Ah, I see that now. Next time I’ll definitely make sure it goes in the same direction. I have very little router experience, so I need some practice :slight_smile: Thanks!

Updates! So I went ahead and epoxied the deck. I also epoxied the enclosure. Then I epoxied it again, and again. I also have gone ahead and spray painted the deck orange. I had a couple issues with streaks in the epoxy on the enclosure. Didn’t have the issue on the deck interestingly.

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Nice dude! Looks a lot better with the epoxy. Not sure what caused those streaks tho.

Yeah, but a lot better all in all

I’ve gone ahead and spray painted the deck orange, and put on the grip tape. I also added a photo with the bindings so you can get an idea of what it may look like.


Looking sick bro!

Very nice ! How is the stiffness with the 3 sheet of CF ? Do you think you could have get away with 2 (1uni + 1twil) or router deeper in the wood ?

if you route deeper you will want more reinforcement. It’s a very stiff board in general, so with it, the board doesn’t feel very different.

The weight of the CF isn’t really a factor, just the price (and thickness?).

Progress! Ok, so I got to work on the battery, and it looks really good! It’s a 10S3P battery, with a BMS. It’s an 18650 pack which I spot welded together. Feel free to ask any questions, I soldered the BMS wires to the pack and it looks like it’s fairly good.


UGH FML. The enclosure is a little small, probably off by about 1-2cm. I can make it work, MAYBE, if not, may have to go a single motor 6355 motor. The thing which is causing me issues is the wiring, takes up too much space… Not to mention I need to fit a BMS in the battery still, and it hasn’t been heatshrunk.

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Bummer! It looks so close :frowning:

What did you use to spot weld your pack? Off the shelf or DIY spot welder?