Carbon Vacuum Bagging - which pump?

Hey guys,

anyone else out there besides @whitepony how has experience with vacuum bagging. I’m looking for a pump which is not too expensive. I found this one:

which is just 80 bucks, might not be good to let it run for 24h though but all other oil free running pumps I found are $$$.

I as well found this guy, who is sealing off his vacuum bag and doesn’t have the pump running for 24h (ok, he is doing infusion but that shouldn’t make a difference)

Anyone who hasn’t the pump running for ages?

@MasterCho Does some good carbon fibre stuff. Maybe he can input here?

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I have heard great things about the used ebay thomas vacuum pumps. its basically 2nd hand refurbished hospital gear that has to be replaced due to regulations from what I read a while ago. check ebay for “thomas vacuum pump” :slight_smile:

you can also see how many of them are actually sold on ebay. cant be a bad choice really!

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My 4year old pump failed on me so recently got a oilless pump. I am very happy with it. It’s called, Gast vacuum pump.

I also got oilless since Im using it inside my house - mine is called “diaphragm vacuum pump”!

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thanks guys, will have a look and will keep you updated! :slight_smile: