Carlsbad CA 7/8 5.30pm or so onwards

Not a formal group ride, but I’ll be riding in the area today if anyone wants to meet up! I want to catch the sunset at the beach. Riding my Raptor2.

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@SageTX are you using telegram?

No. ??? 10

Download telegram app

Start an account. THEN click this link and you’ll be connected to a lot of SoCal crew. Many in Carlsbad/Oceanside/SD area

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NYC and Bay Area uses telegram too so you can check out their group ride info if you travel there. Just need their group link

@SageTX glad to see you had an enjoyable ride. Was it just Joe?

Joe and Jake. Had a great time. Thanks for the telegram hookup. That was my first “group” ride.

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First of many I assume. Safe driving

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