Carrying a longboard on the backpack | Deck Hook

The biggest “problem” with my esk8 is that I need to carry it when walking in a store or shopping mall. I know there are some 3D-printable options for hanging it on the backpack, but I don’t believe them to be very rugged in the long-run.

Today I stumbled upon the solution! It’s an aluminum hook for the backpack. As it doesn’t seem to be a topic about this I thought I might make one.

I think the Kickstarter campain is soon to be launched so keep an eye on it if you’re interested.


The campaign looks dead.

Rifle sling. No backpack required.

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It’s a nice concept, Only issue I have with it is I’m not always wearing a backpack. I usually wear a drawstring bag.

I think a gun sling with 2 large carabiners to go in the trucks would work better/ be more versatile. Like mentioned above.

This looks cool, I’d use one any day. Backing ASAP :slight_smile: lol

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Campaign is live now!

Just backed it…shipping is pretty hefty. a $25 pledge comes out to $40 total for US. We all need to just move to one continent together to save on these shipping and import fees! I guess it needs to be China =(


Well then we would have to deal with all the trash we have been dumping their :frowning:

they reached the kickstarter goal, i got one for $40 (early bird price $25 + $15 shipping to spain)

I cant imagine carrying 13kg board on the back :smiley:

Have you never had a backpack with more weight than 13kg? I for one rather carry the board on my back instead with one arm.

I never carry I just lift front and tow it :slight_smile: But it’s only AT privilege

It’s not even my back that I worry about, but the stress this would put onto the backpack strap, even step would be a tug at the seams.

I’ve though about adding a little wheel type thing to the kicktail just for dragging it around

Yes my backpack is already ripping from me carrying around a heavy notebook, water, etc.

If you look at the video, everyone has a backpack filled with stuff. So the backpack buffers you and the board. If your backpack is fairly empty, I’m thinking the rear wheels may bump into your legs while you walk.

They should have put someone with a 8kg esk8 in the video to show us how that looks.

yeah it bugs me a little that they are an electric skateboard company…posting a product to us but their advertising shows more regular boards using it. I’m sure the hook, connectors and straps it comes with can hold the board, but your back pack strap is not rated for that kind of weight or constant tugging.