Carrying board. Strap?

Dont have my board finished yet, but I picked up a scooter strap. It hooks around the axle or ? and has a shoulder pad. Anyone use these? I figure keep it in a pocket. I fear my board will be 20 plus pounds. No handle.

Folding Bike Carrying Band Balance Bike Carrier Shoulder Straps for Road Street | eBay

No. Nobody uses it. They made one just for you to buy on ebay. Crazy. Lol

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Hit the weight room and just use the trucks!!!

God damnit bobby. You been jerkin off in my toolshed?

That was beavis and butthead wasnt it?

Affirmative private.

I use the board to run my pup. I have a rambunctious half chihuahua, half pit bull dog to get to the start line. JUST the board is bad enough, but all of it is a bit much.