Carrying stuff while skateboarding backpack?, messenger bag?

Hi guys,

Was interested in different options people are using for carrying stuff while skating. I want something that will not be a problem with shifting weight. Please share what you think works best…



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if its alot of weight you could always have a little cart on wheels attached after the board :wink:

I just use backpack but never pack alot of weight but backpack is fine for tools and stuff for me! Only thing I find annoying with backpacks is hitting stuff when driving close

Yea, was thinking a small backpack would be best… Maybe something like this…

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aslong as it fits everything you need, I would go for as flat backpack as possible. For me the worst is when they swing around when you turn

That formfactor looks pretty good.

I always wear a backpack when I ride, mainly because I have some items that I cannot fit in my pockets and also for some added protection if you ever fall on your back when riding.


I always carry a backpack with water, charger, battery pack for cellphone and controller, cellphone charger, belts, bolts, washers, pulleys, skate tool, screw drivers, bits, hex tools, wrenches, headphones, bandanas, and any other random things I might need for specific trips.

I’m thinking about adding my fanny pack specifically for my vape, vape batteries, juice and wallet, because taking off my backpack or keeping that stuff in my pocket is a pain.


I fell a couple days ago, and my backpack took a ton of damage off my shoulders and back. :sunglasses: Might need a new backpack at some point but for now it’s shready and works.

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I do everything including grocery shopping with just a backpack, with one or two cloth bags wadded-up inside it. Just carry them with your front arm. Put heavier stuff like 12-packs in the backpack.


I have this exact backpack in black. It is the best!!! You can strap in your board if you plan on walking because it is designed to take a snowboard. If your holding your board you can throw your helmet in the pouch. The top pocket is also super useful to hold your remote, lights etc.

Best commuter backpack. I destroyed one of the zips last year (my fault) and after looking around for another type of bag for months, I ending up going and buying the exact same bag again.

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If your buying a bag specific for riding with, get one with a CE rated back protector. I picked up a camel back with built in protector for about $80aud. Its saved me twice while out riding. Everything you carry will hurt your back and ribs if you land on it hard.

Dakin has this option I was considering… Is this what your are referring too?

CE EN 1621-2 certified

I have a crumpler bees knees messenger bag

Image result for bees knees crumpler

I can fit what we call a carton (24 bottles) + 4 full size bottles in it. & if it is not bulging full, cause it sits low on my back I can still tuck without it shifting around or being in the wind.

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Yes it looks very simmilar to what is inside my bag. Its a firm foam inset. Just make sure there is a good way to secure it in the bag, last thing you want is for it to move when you crash =)

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Can it actually support the weight of an electric skateboard?

Depends what board you are running. I have had my evolve bamboo gt on it before it it is quite heavy. But still better then holding it for a long walk. (Sometimes i walk around the city with my partner and it is easier to throw it on my backpack). My commuter is a smaller board, a predator banshee and that is totally perfect. You almost forget you have it on your back.

I would say back pack would be best because the weight will be behind you and I think it would be better weight distribution instead of on your side.

My backpack saved my spine when I rode the other time, random concrete bumps in Queens, NY tried to kill me but my backpack took most of the impact. But my charger was broken when I opened up my bag. Thank the lord for backpacks lol

I’ve had this pack for a while now, used with my mountain bike alot, those dam metal storage things really annoyed me until I sussed I could stick my pads on there :slight_smile:

with a couple of velcro straps it even take my helm!

has laptop storage in the back so even have some spine prot. at least I can walk round a shop and only worry about my deck.

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yo i think you just took it to the next level with that fanny pack idea! dope.