Carv0n V2 motor and parts for sale!

Used Carv0n original ‘hub’ motor and trucks/wheel set. Front truck needs new rubber brushing. Motor, wheels, trucks, remote, and receiver included. Any questions please ask, make an offer. (if thats how this works?)

If you are selling things on this forum, you need to provide pictures to educate people on the state of use your item is in

These could go in the esk8 museum

Im having a lot of trouble getting around this website give me a moment

Honestly don’t sell this… if you are young it could be reused really well for a college board, and if you’re out of college then it belongs in a museum like @willpark16 said


You are aware that’s a v2 or v2.5 right?

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Got these off a friend a while back, these are the carvON v2 motor. The whole time I was under the impression these where V1’s. Thanks @willpark16

I’d say keep it and make a nice cruiser

How much you wanna bet these are gonna be collectors gold in the future

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If they are indeed v2’s what do you want for them… my grubby hands need some carvons


How much do you want for this?

Still want too sell v2?