Carvelights - lights for 30 euros

Does anyone have any experience with Carvelights?

30 euros for a front and backlight combo. Excluding shipping and import, but oh well.

The website says this:

  • Fully Removable
  • Water Resistance
  • USB Rechargeable
  • Durable Rubber Casing
  • Can be Set to White or Red Light (Flashing and Constant Illumination)
  • Wide Angle Lens

Sounds promising. But I wonder how good it handles vibrations.

I can totally see that plastic snapping. Even in the pictures it looks cheap and fragile.

they look ok, id still go shredlights, but they could do with a higher output version :slight_smile:

My biggest question is how much light will they actually put out? Shredlights are too weak…

I have those exact lights. The plastic snapped off on my first ride. Good call @SilentException


would y’all be interested in an upgraded shredlight?

would be like 3x as bright and battery would last longer


I still use these and they have been solid!

I working on a lighting solution for my decks to have built in lighting, that should be pretty bright. Though a more universal solution would be great.

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@GrecoMan @evoheyax @electricjim79 Just get some 7W mini cree flashlights. much brighter and like $5 each. I have two of them for headlights and will buy some red ones for the back. Simple ol’ zip ties will do the job®-Zoomable-Scalable-Flashlight-Tactical/dp/B0136RV4YY/ref=sr_1_2?s=local-services&ie=UTF8&qid=1517844789&sr=8-2&keywords=red+flashlight


Yes! Need these

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Certainly worth a shot, but the trouble seems to be that unless the batteries are soldered in they will enviably vibrate until the contact becomes poor or intermittent. But once again not a bad solution for the time being

I must admit I’d thought the current ones are probably upgradeable. What did you have in mind

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Seeing as the mounting mechanism is plastic and they don’t say how much light is emitted or how they are powered or basically any details at all, this is a solid “Don’t Buy”


I bet I could cram a 14500 into one of them, would make it both brighter and last like 40x longer than the tiny lipo

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Imo any lights on the board need to illuminate the road at least 10ft in front of me, not right in front of the wheels


So what’s the best option for lights

@GrecoMan @electricjim79 Gonna try direct solder the 14500 cell into my flashlights, then just add a charging circuit and charge with a normal one cell charger, i’ll let you know how that goes


that reminds me…

i gotta dig up a flash drive tonight so I can try to print that godforsaken belt cover :rofl:

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HAHA thanks bro, you have a good three weeks before the focboxes arrive so take your time

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Hausbell 7W Ultra Bright Mini LED Flashlight Tactical Flashlight (2 Pack)

FIXED Star Sturdy Quick Release Mount for Hunting LED Flashlight Scope, Fits for Multiple Scope Size 1"-30mm