Carver trucks/pumping - belt or hubs?

I’m a huge fan of Carver trucks. I’ve seen the mellow board booster mounted with Carver board. Mellow board has “endless mode”, when it push the board only for a short time and very softly. I’m looking for similar feeling in DIY board. I want to pump and use motors every 20-40seconds. What kind of motors would be better for this type or riding - hubs or belt ones?

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Hubs or DD probably.

Thanks. I just found out that here, in Poland, we have quite good aftermarket for used chinese e-longboard. I can buy Ownboard W2 for 450 bucks. Ownboard W2 with it’s flexy deck is tempting. I could swap the front truck to Carver, and then change the deck for something shorter like on this video. BTW - my daily board is Loaded Tan Tien with Carver C7 and I also ride OW+ from Future Motion.