Carving on Single Motor vs Dual vs Dual Diagonal vs 4WD

Hi all, wondering how the motor configuration is affecting the feeling when carving. I see many straightliners out there, and I’d be more of the constant carving type.

On my van, the diff lock in 4wd means that it just doesn’t want to turn if there is a good traction on the road. It doesn’t turn and there’s lots of strain on the mechanics. Isn’t that the same on a 4wd or even a dual drive board, since the driving wheels are spinning at a same rpm? How does that even work in the turns?

Isn’t a single drive the closest feeling to an unpowered board in the turns?

I didn’t notice a difference in terms of turning (or carving) when moving from a single to dual rear.

Unlike your van each wheel is powered independently so it shouldn’t feel locked at all. The vesc should just be sending power to both wheels and if one is spinning faster or slower it shouldn’t make a difference (unless you have the limited slip setup on the vesc from the configuration app as that may cause the wheel you don’t want to have more power to ruin your time if not setup correctly).

Mine are controlled over the CAN so no idea if that makes a difference.

Dual-diagonal definitely has a torquesteer to it, especially if you wedge/dewedge the front/rear.

But when traction is limited, you can still steer if you lock-up both drive wheels hitting the brakes…

But the effect on carving is noticeable to me.

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