Carvon 2.5 Cogging

Anyone have Carvon 2.5 cogging issues?

It happens for me 1 out of 5 times. When accelerating, usually at low speeds (i always push start). It makes a clicking type of noise and doesn’t produce any power. As soon as it happens Im afraid im going to blow a vesc so I let off on the trigger and try again.

My setup is Dual Carvon 2.5 | 12s1P 26650 a123 lifepo4 Link: Vescs are in FOC and connected to the receiver with a Y-cable.

The settings on each vesc are: Current Limits Motor Max: 60.00 A Motor Min: -60.00 A Bat Max: 15.00 A Batt Min: -12.00 A Absolute Max: 130.00 A

Voltage Limits Min input voltage: 8.00 V Max input voltage: 57.00 V Battery cut off start: 35.20 V Battery cut off end: 33.20 V

I guess I can live with it. But its slightly nerve racking because its random. And I don’t feel comfortable letting friends ride it for that reason. Whats the cause of this and what settings should I tweak to eliminate this?

I have a single 2.5, I’ve never had that issue.

Could the 12s1p pack be sagging? Try lowering you cutoff atart and end to 33V and 30V?

Did you mean “Battery cut off start” from 35.20V to 30V?

No sorry, cut off start 33V and cutoff end 30V

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Could this issue be a bad soldering job on the bullet connectors? I de-soldered the bullet connectors on the motor side so I could wrap them with that paracord. :frowning:

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It looks like you have very low amp discharge with those 12s1p pack. Although you use th3 bigger brother of 18650 I think the discharge is still too low.

However clicking sound seems to be incompatible firmware. If BLDC mode sensorless is okay, then most likely firmware not compatible with bldc tool or vesc hw version.

Check for bad connections (bad soldering joints like @mikey suggests), loose bullet connectors, make sure there is no strain on the cables that go into the motor, that the cables/connectors are not exposed in any point and that they aren’t making contact between themselves… etc.

a123 cells can do 50a/120a. you can up the battery current to at least 20a-25a each. I would get a bigger battery…thats only like 5-6 miles?

I just spoke with Jerry regarding this issue. Try using BLDC instead of FOC and see if that solves your problem. I have a similar issue running FOC on my V2.5. At slow speeds and if there’s a slight uphill, I get some cogging. If I give it a good push, it runs fine. Also, I had the clicking noise when I had it set up on an Enertion and DIY electric VESC, but when I installed the Ollins, the clicking went away. Cogging was also much better, but still not perfect. It would be okay if I wasn’t in the city where there’s a lot of stop and go. I’m also running a single, so I’m not sure if a dual has something to do with it.

I run my v2.5 on BLDC and I have no issues with cogging and no clicking noises. Do you have vids?


Thanks! Ill take a video as soon as the weather gets better.

Man, I hope I dont have to run it in BLDC. I really enjoy how my setup runs right now.

You can also try raising your motor max current to 80a. I was able to improve low speed torque this way. I used to run at 60a and now I’m running both my boards at 80a with no harm to motors or Vescs. Just check the temp of your motors with your hand periodically to make sure there not over heating.

Yeah, I really like FOC, but BLDC just runs so much smoother. I’m hoping VESC 6 and the new V3 sensored motors will solve the problems with FOC.

80a with the V2.5? Interesting I need to try this! What was the battery setup you have for both boards again?

So are you running FOC at 80a with minimal cogging? How hard/long do you typically ride?

Both of my current setups are 10s Lipo Dual 6355 190kv motors 15/36 pulleys with 9mm belts Ollin Vesc’s with heatsinks BLDC mode Motor max 80a Battery max 50a If I recall, my Carvon V2.0 where rated for 80a And I would imagine the V2.5 are as well. I ran my Carvons at 12s with TB 120a ESC’s I never got cogging accelerating on flat ground

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I have not yet tried FOC

I run my V2.5 on BLDC with my Motor Max at 60A. No issues with cogging. I can go from a complete stop. I run my Carvon V2 on FOC at 60A with no cogging issues. If I run my V2.5 on FOC, I get minor cogging.

total of 30 amps limit with two motors seems very low