Carvon 4.5v for sale(Sold)

No longer want 4wd Probably sticking with just 2wd Selling only 1 set it’s this one it’s technically 4.5v with all the upgrades bassicly new. Has all the new upgrades besides the urethane we didn’t have any atm

asking 600$ + shipping would sell for group buy price but I payed for all the upgrades new axle ,new motor cans and flux ring

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Was this one involved in a crash? How many miles to rode em?

yes was involved in the crash but this one was not the one that broke off and crashed but everything was eventually replaced regardless because of the upgrades . The only thing that’s the same is the Strators no damage to them . they probably have less than 150 miles

What’s your price?

600$ + shipping y’all get them shipped really soon too lol ask anyone I sell them too usually one day shipping or next day

What’s the difference compared to the Torque drives? Are they really that different?

top speed on them is 40mph or get a bigger battery and see for yourself torque drive alot of torque but top speed is 25mph

Sorry for delay response man. Work calls I have 2 sets of the Torque drives. I get between 27-30 no problem but that’s really heavy when put on a longboard with 107s and a 60cell battery haha! If you haven’t sold this by tomorrow let me know. Trying to rationalize getting it

if you don’t end up selling this id be happy to take it off your hands for 600 big ones :wink:

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