Carvon Board no longer turns on (NEWBIE)

Hey Everyone,

About a year ago I purchased off craigslist, what I believe is a Carvon prototype that was sent to a Landyachtz rep.

The board was incredible for a year and I love everything about it (especially being my first board) but it suddenly will not turn on and I’m at a loss of what to do or try. It looks like Carvon took quite a few people for their money and disappeared.

The charger when plugged in gives a blue light which means that the board is fully charged and the power button on the board lights up a solid red while charging. However, if I remove the charger, I get a quick red flash on the power button and then nothing else. No matter if I short press, long press, quick multiple press… I get nothing.

Anyone know an easy fix or easy tests a newbie could try and diagnose the issue? Is there anyone in San Diego or southern california that would like to try and help me locally for some extra cash?

I took everything apart to get some pics. Hopefully it helps some. Thanks for all the help!

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  • right if the board is fully charged (meaning the battery is up to it’s full voltage)

  • Then the issue is either the ESC or the motors, lets ignore the motors.

  • to see if the ESC is at fault first you need to rule out the battery,

To rule out the battery

Use a multimeter to see if the voltage (from the 2 main power leads) is corespondent to charged voltage if you are unsure what the voltage should be refer to the output voltage on your charger brick.

Also visually inspect the pack looking for any signs of burning via smell or burnt insulation these are a clear indicator of a short circuit

on closer look seems like the wire followed by red got cut on that metal piece pointed effectively joining the 2 wires shown in green.

Definitely no quick fix if that’s the case (not unless you really know what you’re doing which I don’t)

I think you’d have to get it replaced or possibly repaired.

Anyways I wish you the best of luck that’s still a nice board, deck and enclosure, etc. so it’s not the end to your beloved board.

Something that happened to me recently was I lost power and ability to turn on and it ended uo being because there was no rtv slilicone at the ends of the jst connector pins and they came loose. Took a micro processing protoype developer eyes to notice the simple error. But Ill never not use rtv silicone again. Loose.connectors no bueno!!.