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I got my Carvon Hat on and hawking some direct drives!

So many people want an EVO but can’t shell out the 2k. It’s a lot of money no doubt. I’ve seen so many people asking for just the drives on FB, IG and Reddit since Carvon dipped out of the DIY game… Well this is your chance.

Jerry as agreed to make a limited run of the Carvon system. Which will just include the V4 Speed Drives that accept abecs or clone equivalent. To make myself clear, this set will only include the the Carvon Drive system. So, no wheels or front truck will be part of this special sale. It’s as “a la cart” as I could get. Perfect for the the pro builder or first time DIYer. It’s your chance to get your Carve On your way.

Prices $499 plus shipping $30 Continental USA $50 Canada $70 UK & EU $90 Australia

Includes Matte Black or Silver finish (your choice) Carvon v4 dual drive system on baseplate with adapters for Abec11 Wheels or Clone equivalent. *no wheels or front truck included

Tech Specs:

Features and Tech Specs:

Dual 110kv sensored motors, 2500W each Custom-made precision CNC hanger and motor mounts Motor mounts are screwed on for absolute no stator movement Stepped-down axle (from 12mm, 10mm to 8mm) is removable and replaceable Motors can be easily removed and inside bearings replaced ​Low-carbon flux steel tubes for more power and protection Axle end-to-end is 11 inches (280mm)

I need to hit at least 25 sets to make this happen and looking at January 2018 to get these in your hands.

I’m still trying to figure out the best way to handle the orders if you are interested. So, please stay tuned for further edits and updates on how to purchase them.


I’m IN…But I think I can just meet up with Jerry and hand him cash?

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Tag. 10char

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I’m in


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That’s fine how ever I get to 25

Also… spread the word…if you like…I know some of you cats on Reddit

I’ll take TWO if we get stuck at 24 damn it! everyone on this forum should get these!!! =)


I’m in ! Great news

do you need 2 vescs to run these?

Same here 10char

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Yes sir

Two motors two vescs

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Hmm I want but I don’t need I’m a tentative yes for 1 set


What’s the kv of the motors? Do you happen to know the effective hangar width and baseplate angle?

Same :joy:

Take a hammer to your current drives and it will instantly become a NEED and not a WANT!


I don’t know if we can get him to do this again … that’s the question

would these be better than dual 6374 belt drive?

I’ll get 2

Getting that info

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Depends on the ride you are looking for

People are looking for the early versions…which I can totally understand why…but they are rare…especially the single drives … here we are folks … duals in yo face!

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