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are you SD, XL? 2WD, 4WD?

Asking because I’m also in the process of configuring. Would like to see how others are planning on setting theirs up.

I am running 4WD SD. Was advised to split power 70 (rear) /30 (front) for accel, and 30 (rear)/70 (front) braking.

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The plan is, “yes”? At least once, for science.

But the real build is probably XL 2wd (I’m too fat for 2wd SD-R, 4wd is just too heavy and too much $$$ to lose at once).

Great info on power split. I’ll add to the list above.

nice, really would like to see your parallel harness for 4wd :grin:

Most of these things will be limited by your battery and not your motors.

Motors can take 2250w (XL) and 2500w(SD), so thats about 30A-40A at 12S. You would need 4P 25R or 6P 30Q cells to get there.

Im running my motors in FOC unsensored (in my mind its just more thing that can go wrong), current+brake. Bldc-Tool for me for now, last i read vesc-tool had some weirdness with the breaks.

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Yea braking isn’t really powerful and the board keeps rolling even when pressing full brake… Foc sensored through vesc tool. Anyone knows why this is?

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I’m so busy building that I still program with the BLDC-tool :sweat_smile: I haven’t heard anybody having problems with the other apps though. Derek especially liked the Ackmaniac’s because of the reverse function. He felt like he needed the reverse to fully stop (actually, to go back up again) when going downhill because he was big a dude.

For SDR, my motor Max/Min is 80A/-120A. For SDXL 60A/-80A. The XL has more drag when you let go of the throttle than the R (because of the lower kv) so you don’t need to crank up the braking that much. It also has more resistance, again due to low kv, so I don’t recommend going faster than 35 mph on them because too much speed heats up the XL.

I only do FOC, super quiet and I feel having better control on the motors. Definitely use the sensors, better startup and better braking. I actually haven’t used the temp sensors. Look up Derek’s thread cause I believe he posted his temperature parameters somewhere.

I ride with no reverse as I’m experienced and light enough to know how to fully stop in most situations. I also foot-brake below 3 mph, I’m not on the board 100% of the time. But if you need to do frequent and hard braking, like if you live on a hill or a very crowded urban area, then I will recommend going with reverse.

4WD with R is the ultimate ride. You get both speed “and” torque. Take off and braking is instantaneous as well as traction cause you use the grip of the 4 wheels. Turning is also more amazing as you can slow down in the middle of the turn if you think you’re gonna go wide, and then crank it up again to re-align your exit. With 2WD, you almost need to fully stop if you entered the turn going too fast. 4WD with XL is kinda pointless because it will just double up the torque and make the board super heavy.

If you really, really, really need just torque…you shouldn’t do a direct-drive, a geared down system will provide all the torque that you need at half the weight. @psychotiller has a sweet 4WD belt-drive setup with SixShooters and mini 50mm motors. It takes off like a rocket and will not dislodge your arm from your shoulders when you carry it.


his 4wd board is sick!! i was shitting bricks when i rode it


My neighbors were pissed about all the bricks in the road…


these slick revs have nothing on ur wheels man

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Holy crappers it’s good to have you back. :slight_smile:

I forgot to ask, 12s is preferred? 3p or more for 2wd, 5p or more for 4wd?

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I didn’t know that the sensors were used for braking, but it kinda makes sense, i will try it out!

Yup, 12s is highly recommended for SpeedDrives and min 3p for 2WD and 5p for 4WD. Highly recommend 30Q cells.

10s is recommended for TorqueDrive and min of 2p with 30Q. Use bigger wheels like 107mm+ to go faster.


Any estimate at all on when XL will start to ship would be greatly appreciated.

I’m currently running 10S4P 30Q on the TorqueDrives. Would I see any improvement using the same battery with the XL?

They’re waiting on the Hangar to be CNC’ed by Abec11. Minimum 2 weeks lead time for most machine shops. Although I would highly reccomend just sending it to a different shop, theres plenty across america that will do a great job in a fast timeline.

Two weeks starting how many weeks ago is what I’m wondering. They have been talking about this CNC issue for months now.

Your Motor Current setting’s pretty low. I have it at Max 80A and Min (or Max Brake) is -120A.

I’m kinda in the same boat as you guys are, still waiting on ABEC 11. @ChrisChaput told me 2 weeks ago that they are getting ready to machine the hangers, but haven’t heard anything new yet.

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You’ll get higher top speed on same sized wheel, but max wheel for XL is 107mm, while TorqueDrives can use SixShooters. Just make sure you have reverse to fully stop.

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Yeah, but I already paid good money. :disappointed: