Carvon dual direct drive

I neeeeeedddd it! Haha but seriously I think these are a great invention but I want them used for a better price than new.

They don’t even exist new. Build them and start selling them.


they still go for retail even used because of rarity and no plans in the future to make any more for diy.

Guess you’ll be seeing my diy carvons soon!


pass producing is hard but just making one should be fine since u can’t buy a low kv motor get a sk3 6374 149kv and turn them into a direct drive if u won’t go to a shop you will need at least a 800$ lathe to do it or find someone to do It. best of luck

Actually APS sells 60kV motors… Alibaba has CNC services that’ll run OP $20 total for an entire truck. Sorted!

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CNC services? Link? How is pricing after shipping compared to 3dhubs?

Literally just go on Alibaba… It takes a bit of hunting to find one that will meet your needs (grades of aluminium etc.) I’ve never used 3d hubs sorry mate. It’s generally your bog-standard Chinese mail - 10-25 days. @ like $20 nzd.

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What about the Torque drives, aren’t those still available? The website doesn’t show it sold out.

I would stay away from carvon for now. Their products have great reviews but customer service is non existent and at this point a big gamble of when and if you will even get what you pay for.

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