Carvon Emc2 - Mini Cruiser with Dual Hub Motor

I just preordered this! I just want it to tool around New York. Seems perfect for my situation. But I can’t help but think its a Chinese build. I dunno what do you guys think?

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Carvon usually makes his own hubs, but that does look like a chinese prebuild, definitely not his dual motors for that price. He is @LEVer here on the forums. Maybe he will chime in.

I know this first hand, He stands behind what he sells with customer service that is unmatched. So, you can feel confident ordering from him.


Interesting. Never work for me, but could be a nice option for someone lighter weight in a flat area. I’d email Jerry at Carvon, I’ve found him to be very helpful and responsive.

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Did a quick search on Alibaba and found this :-/

I wrote Jerry and he responded very quickly!

I asked what the capacity of the battery was. And if this was a cheap Chinese prebuilt.

He wrote: "The CARVON Emc2 has a battery capacity of 2500mah which equals to a range of more than 10 miles. The controller will be a small thumb controller similar to the ones being sold by Enertion.

These hubs are actually better than our CARVON hubs in terms of power-to-weight ratio. They are also more efficient. These hubs are intended for a complete and light board. Our CARVON hubs have more power, but they are mainly for DIYers, are heavier and will need a bigger battery pack. The Emc2 with dual hub motors is lighter than the original CARVON EMC with a single hub motor. The Emc2 is also cheaper.

After months of searching, we have partnered with a manufacturer from China that we believe produces the best quality E-boards. We are confident that with their resources, combined with our knowledge on hub motors, we can offer a complete hub motors E-board that is both high-quality and affordable. As such, we are offering a six-months guarantee on manufacturing defect. We will repair or replace your Emc2 free of charge within six months. You will just need to cover the cost of shipping it to us."

I’m pretty cool with that! I live in the city where I can’t really go that fast anyways. If this thing really does hit 18mph then that will probably be more than enough for me. I was gonna go the DIY way but I felt as though everything would be overkill and expensive for my needs. Even if this is a Chinese prebuilt I’m more than happy to buy this from Carvon.


@LEVer has been really helpful and friendly if I have had any problems or questions. So I think that emc2 will be a good combination of cheap price with great customer service

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Of course 2500mah at 36 volts won’t go near ten miles in the real world


Nice looking… good work at offering more budget driven option @LEVer. Your Carvons are what I want though! I think this might be the same company making the Elwing Boards. Nice to see they are upping the game with the dual hubs. The single drive only went 18km.

See below link for a sneak peek of the dual hub performance. I would imagine Carvons will be very similar.

A video posted by Elwing Boards (@elwing_boards) on May 10, 2016 at 10:05am PDT

I have a 2500mAH and just awaiting my CF deck to do a range test. With my weight and location, I’m pretty sure I can hit 10 miles on the right VESC settings. I’m originally from NY like @mikey and can understand how this setup makes a lot of sense navigating through congested areas. Can you elaborate on the real world?

On 12s and 5ah I’m not doing ten miles

@RunPlayBack do you think a similar build with a single hub carvon could be good for NYC and weigh in under 10 lbs? I’m looking to use it to get around Brooklyn and take it on the subway to midtown Manhattan.

Btw it was your videos that got me in this mess (of thinking I need an electric skateboard)


If you’re not going to cross any bridges, the little Carvon complete will work just fine. You don’t need much speed or torque and the lighter the better if you’re going to be lugging it on the subway.

If you’re going over the Williamsburg, consider that the uphill climb is going to drain your battery quick, so think more like 6-7 miles to a charge. Also, the 70mm wheels are not going to go over expansion joints as easily as 90mm’s.

If you live near the Williamsburg, I recommend just taking the bridge over and going up the Hudson River Parkway to Midtown. It’s a nice ride and you don’t have to deal with cars for most of it.

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Yup what @Mrmoonlight said. You’re gonna want a stealthy minicruiser for the subway. I have a good friend who wants me to build him a board and his commute is from Greenpoint to 57th and 8th so my thinking is definitely a minicruiser. Depending on your battery and deck, a single Carvon could be around 10-12lbs. My single Carvon on a 29" Jet Spud + 10s Space Cell hovers around 15lbs which is heavy but still compact to take on a train or bus. I’m experimenting with a 12s1p LiFePO4 on FOC with the Carvon Single on a 30" carbon fiber deck and I think that might hit the sweet spot for weight and portability.

44.4v @ 5a is 222 watt hours, 36v @ 2.5a is just 90 watt hours, which doesnt make sense that they’ll get more range. if the reduced weight of the mini board really makes that big of a difference, I’m gonna shit my pants when my 12s 8.4a 21" 18mph board is up and running. If they can get 10 miles out of 90 watt hours with an 18mph top speed, I should be getting around 40 miles weighing just 70kg. come onnnn chaka vesc! Can’t come soon enough!

I’ve clocked 12 miles with 12s/5ah more than once with dual motors/belt drive. Belt drive does tend to get better mileage than hubs.

I’ll have to see what I can do sometime and post it. No laying down or sitting

I just bought the board now… The support from that guy and the company is awsome so I feel secure by just talking with him.

Should I buy this board over the Acton blink board?

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TOTALLY! @LEVer really stands for his products, i’ll get one of this boards in a month or so, i need to recover some money :grin: