Carvon EVO 4WD R Best E-Board Period! Thx to LHB & Jerry for the build

I got my Carvon EVO 4WD R which I believe is the overall best electric skateboard to date and would like to thank Damon and Jerry for making this happen for me…I’ve also made a thank you video for both of them…I have a few videos up for now on my YouTube channel but here is my 1st ride and unboxing from a 62 year old still riding longboarder lol…


Great E-Board, love the vehicle. Best exacution of a review I have seen in a long time. Wonderful creation. I’m 50 and still riding. You give me great hope. Lol


Beautiful. I expected it to be bulkier at the enclosure.

How are the evo hubs terminated?


10 char

Whew you finally got it lol…

Sorry man there isn’t away really to describe it till you ride it…now you know.


Thank you for the review. Board looks amazing. With that much power I would gear up!

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So it would greatly benefit from a Delta-WYE switch… would it be possible to get one of these trucks with all its phase leads already coming out the motors already?

It would just complicate things, there would be more things to break. Dont think a delta wye switch on esk8 is worth it, considering the main problem is heat.

This would be more of a personal thing… I’ve been wanting to do it for a while now lol and have a circuit and some relays (2-40A per motor) and its a 12v relay 3PDT relay that will handle the switching

What’s the battery on this

lol @longhairedboy u get mentioned here

@HI-DEF-DEPOT could you share pictures of the bottom please? Very nice review But please when riding this beast use full face helmet, gloves and all the knee/elbow pads. Trust me I have over 1500 km on the carvons and they are as much dangerous as they are amazing. And one beloved member of the community died riding with this 4wd setup. I don’t mean to be a dick or anything but the protection you use is not enough.


Bottom as you can see gets dinged easily with rocks :slightly_frowning_face: oh well…the board is amazing can’t say enough good things about it…I know gear is important and I do have elbow pads and knee pads and gloves…I just don’t have them with me all the time but helmet is a must…IMG_20180706_100521IMG_20180706_100533IMG_20180706_100638IMG_20180706_100508IMG_20180706_100515


@HI-DEF-DEPOT please take note of the position of your batt gauge and charge port. I noticed the abrasions on the cover of the enclosure.

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12S 5P Samsung 30Q

what material is the enclosure made of?

I’m not sure maybe LHB Longhairedboy can chime in here he put it together for me

He was getting them made from fibreglass unless it changed.

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come September when i make my decision on which hub set to get (Carvon, Torqueboards, or Hummie) I will be making covers for the motors to protect them (torque and carvon)

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