CARVON EVO - for discussion

Lever may not be here but he’s still pumping out the goodies.

CARVON EVO (prototype). Drop-down deck, integrated electronics in the deck and all-similar wheels look; for the ultimate ride, carving, pushing and stealth! Get your carve ON! . . . #carvonskates #getyourcarvon #electricskateboard #electriclongboard #eboard #skateboard #longboard #innovation #socal

A photo posted by LEVer (@carvonskates) on Nov 16, 2016 at 4:44pm PST

The profile on this board is real impressive. I see a raptor2 showdown coming.


Single hub? Or are the not installed?

CARVON EVO (prototype) with Direct Drive V3 motors and full, rotatable wheels. The Evolution of Electric Longboard continues. Get your carve ON! . . . #carvonskates #getyourcarvon #electricskateboard #electriclongboard #eboard #skateboard #longboard #innovation #socal #socallife #california

A photo posted by LEVer (@carvonskates) on Nov 16, 2016 at 1:49pm PST

Other POV - dual direct drive.

Oh my. (Sorry I didn’t check out the link.)

Jerry is making some moves over there at Carvon

This board is so nice! would be a hard choice between the two, once he puts grip over the metal it will look even better :ok_hand:t3:

Wow, between this and the innovations that Enertion is making, it’s becoming a pretty great time to be interested in ESK8!

Why is lever not here? He left the forums? I thought I saw him couple of months back here.

lox897 said he left for personal reasons.

I emailed Jerry about availability of his V3 hub motors and he said that he will be putting them into a complete and putting it on Kickstarter. This must be the complete he was referring to. He also mentioned that he may sell just the motors during the campaign.

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This looks amazing. Next summer will be awesome!

Belt board: Ollin freeride

Hub board: Mellow, raptor V2, or this Carvon

Mountain board: Trampa build

My collection will be complete.