CARVON exo Pro battery

I have a CARVON EXO Pro. The battery says it lasts for 20miles but it doesn’t. It only lasts 20 miles on the slow mode not the top speed mode. The battery is a * Samsung 30Q 10s3p with 40A BMS/PCM is there anyway to upgrade this battery?

Yes. You could build a new one or someone else could. What is your ideal range?

If I could get 20miles at the top speed that would be great

That sounds right for a 10s3. When something says, Up To 20 Miles of Range (weight, riding style and environment dependent). It never means top speed mode. It means riding on eco with ideal weight on flat roads.


A 10s4 would probably be more appropriate if you wanna hammer on it full speed for 20 miles. Getting above 4p also helps with battery sag


10s4p would suite your needs, 3p only gave me 12-15 miles range on my belt drive but then again I don’t know what a slow mode is haha


Depends on the power output you need. For example, I’m just under 200 lb and I will only get about 6 miles from a 12s4p. But I’m a unique case haha.

If your a good rider and jam at high speed, I would recommend a 10s6p. Also remember, ideally you want to avoid the lower and upper 20% if you want them to last. So you’ll lose some range from that also.


Also, just to be clear. Short of someone disassembling your battery and trying to make a new one, you won’t be upgrading that battery. You’ll be looking to get a completely new one. Were are you located? There’s lots of great battery builders on here. But i would personally recommend @psychotiller.

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Whaaat… 6 miles. That’s it ? Is that full speed ,100% battery until dead? Building my board with a 12s5. I better get more then 2 miles per p group…

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Well I run 6000 watts peak in 4 motors, on 5%-10% grade hills, at about 200 lb myself, at speeds around 30 mph. Stop from 30 in under 20 feet, and back to 30 mph again in under 3 seconds. So yes, I can empty a battery very fast. Again, I said I’m a special case, haha.


Just out of curiosity, how much range are you getting in the top speed mode?

my Meepo Sanyo got very close to the miles it says it would

Right now I am getting about 10mils at top speed, which is about 27mph I weigh about 160

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I always approximate each P group as 5 miles. Advertising can’t ever be trusted as it’s based on a tiny and almost weightless person riding on flat smooth roads at a slow speed.


LIPOS!!! I’m using six 2s1 6200mah 50c. Fully charged to 50v 3 days ago and I have put well over 15miles @ over 20mph+. And after just checking about an hour ago, I still have 44v left. If this range test I have set for tonight succeeds, I’ll have put well over 20+miles on one charge.


Those sanyo batterys are slightly better at range than the Samsung batterys.

I :heart: Lipos 2


From 20 miles at low speed to 10 miles at top speed. That indicates significant voltage sag. I wonder if that is normal for a 10s3p 30Q pack or if something is wrong with your pack like some broken weld joints.

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Haven’t done a range test on mine but I’m definitely making a bigger pack for mine as well.

It also depends on how hes riding. Hill, lots of stop and go at full acceleration. From what I’ve read under 4p is pretty much gonna have sag.

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