Carvon hub motor question

So I currently have a single belt drive on 6s li-ion. But was looking into maybe a carvon v2.5 but would a single on 6s work on esc as well. Mainly flat ground as well. I know I would be better on 10s but would have to spend a lot more on more cells.

Hubs work more efficient at 12s. Higher voltage gives less current, less current = less heat.

You could get another 6s battery and hook it up in series to gain 12s. Also a vesc would work well.

What capacity and c-Rating is your battery. You may get away with it, but you will pull huge Amps. Another thing is , that your speed will be really low.

running higher voltage doesn’t make a motor run cooler. Esc yes.

I’m running 6s4p lg hg2 20per cell so 80a

I would fear 6s to to low to run the 85kv …

But would still work

Yea that’s what I’m thinking running 245kv with belt just now and it’s completely fine but would like a bit more stealth.

@lever did run some v2 on 6s. He can help you out!

I have the v2.5’s Jerry from Carvon recommends 10s-12s for his hub motors.

It was a higher kv motor that’s why