CARVON MBS AT Wheels 100mm

Hi guys ! i have ordered 4 sets of MBS ALL TERRAIN 100mm black color online from CARVON. They seem very nice. i have paid them but i am always waiting for the delivery for 3 months now. i sent mails to Carvon but there is no answer. I was wondering if it is normal because Jerry is very busy. How can i get in touch with Jerry to talk about my order ? Thank for your advices.

pm him @LEVer

ok i will Thank you

Hello, there is no answer from him i am so disappointed

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I’ve tried to pm him as well and also sent an email but no reply. Hopefully we hear something from him soon

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my order will be delivered today !! yeah good news! after 4 months :slight_smile: i can’t wait ! thank you guys .

Good to hear that! Can u provide some feedback - I am also thinking about buying them.