Carvon on Kickstarter

Hi Guys,

I am one of the backers and have been looking forward to this for a while. It seems, like the campaign is struggling to reach the last few steps towards the finish line.

And I don’t get it. It’s an awesome product and and also a great deal.

So why aren’t there more people going for it? What do you think?

For reference, here is the campaign:

1.) People already spent their esk8 funds on the Raptor 2 2.) Already invested money on pulleys, motors, mount, trucks, belts, etc 3.) only need and wanted one board and it’s already done

Those are my thoughts. I’m a slight hoarder, slight meaning I like to have a few or each gadget and limit myself. I backed the V3 because I want to have a good direct drive/hub (I only have an Acton single and Landwheel). But this will be my last board…will be selling one before I will allow myself to get the next best thing in the future.


If it would be $999.00 I would buy one

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I thought I was done building but now I’m already thinking about building a 3rd board. And even playing with the idea of joining the off road club!

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So, what happens if they fall short of the goal? Does Kickstarter cancel the program?

Yeah and you get your money back.

Thats a bummer, seems like the company doing the project should be able to decide if they got enough backing to proceed.

Yeah I think so too, but hopefully they set their goal at the right price for them.

Just depends if they high-balled the goal to gain more incentive to buy

Some companies have kickstarter campaigns to meet manufaturer’s minimum order requirements (either in terms of funds or orders)

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actually, you don’t even pay until the campaign succeeds. So there is no need for money back

Don’t know why everyone is in panic mode… they just start like 15 days ago and already got 80%. I think they’re doing pretty well. And I’m pretty sure they will go on, even if the kickstarter doesn’t work.

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Does anyone know if there is a warranty? And confirmed they have sensors?

Warranty is 1 year. Motors will be sensored.


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I would have bought at 999, had no clue,

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what offroad club is that?

pretty cool. is the remote like that for patent purposes?

I made that up, There is just a lot of people building EMTB’s and going off road.

most successful campaign reach their goal within the first few days to a week. sure its only another 8 or so boards but most people are not looking at a price point that high…

Carvon just added group buys to their kickstarter.

4.995 $ for 5 Evo’s 2 WD (999 $ each) 7.495 $ for 5 Revo’s 4 WD (1499 $ each)

They are actually Distributor’s packs.

But Jerry said this about them: “Yes! You can use it for a Group Buy and we will take care of all after-sales service. No obligation to organizer.”


I’m in for a 999