Carvon Single drive V2.5

Trying my luck here since this is sort of an ancient item already, but if anyone has a single DD drive lying around that’ll be great!

Condition doesn’t matter toooo much as long as it works.

And also trying my luck as well, pssst @rey8801 :rofl: IMG_0918


Man never got a Carvon on hand.

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I was hoping you would since you’ve been dabbling into all the DD stuff. Welp if you ever do a single one i’m down! I have a single gear drive on 97mms but clearance is very little. Gearbox gets scraped too often and i am worried for the well being of the gearbox. I don’t wanna go bigger as well since its my lightweight build.


No the only DD I own is the ones I made. Make it single is possible but will need custom modifications to make it simmetrical with the other side. The easier thing is that you get a single hub motor to me. Is gonna be a slow board anyway.


Oooooo sounds neat! PM incoming!

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Damn sorry to see your having to alter that beautiful little orbiter. If I ever got around to doing something similar it would probably just be with dual hubs even though it’ll add a bunch of weight.

You probably don’t want anything from carvon anyways. Even though prior to v4 they have a good rep, you’ll never get it repaired from Carvon if anything goes wrong.

Your best bet is to keep that sexy small wheelbase and just take a bunch of steroids or PCP so that the board feels lighter with dual drive.

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Any updates on court?

It had to be rescheduled because I didn’t serve him correctly. I’m actually having to go at the very end of May to do it because I still work in San Francisco and the courthouse is in Pasadena. But don’t worry man, I’m not giving up


Are you selling any of your direct drive builds??