CARVON SpeedDrive 4WD Mounting SixShooters

Okay guys, as promised here’s the instruction for mounting SixShooters on boards with 4WD SpeedDrives. Make sure you only use the SixShooters with either the SpeedDrive R or SpeedDrive XL on 4WD.

Because the SixShooter adapters were designed during the SD V3, there will not be enough thread on the axles to put on the axle nut if you use the adapters with SD V4. Thanks to @psychotiller, he has found a way to put them on without the adapters. So the easiest way to do it, is to buy half of the SixShooters hub directly from him and he will take care of it.

First thing to do, is to remove the wheel adapters from your SpeedDrives. Just unscrew the 6 button-head screws and lock washers, and then pull out the adapter. You will then see the motor cap or motor bell. The 6 tapped holes where the button-head screws goes in lines up perfectly with the mounting standoffs in the SixShooter. But you will need to modify it.


Disassemble your SixShooters. You’re going to use the left hub pictured above.


Use a 4mm or 5/32 drill bit to remove the threads in the standoff. Using a drill press is best to make sure you drill straight down.


Flip the half hub and put a counter-sink on the holes. Make sure you pay attention and only drill the inner holes, NOT THE OUTER HOLES.


Put M4 flat-head screws through the hole, making sure the screws are completely seated below the surface.


Install M4 hex washers on the screws. Don’t put them all the way in, just enough so that a little bit of the thread can go in the hole on the motor cap.


Tighten the 6 flat-head screws onto the motor cap. Install the SixShooter tube and tire. Then install the other half of the hub. And there you go! Make sure you use tall bushings and/or risers to ensure you don’t get a wheel bite.

It’s a bit late now here, but I’ll be back tomorrow to answer any questions on the installation.


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glad to help :slight_smile:


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great write up jerry, this’ll help someone but also make your adapters obsolete.


i wonder, would this work on torque drives as well?

@LEVer don’t plan to, but are wheels larger than 107mm not recommended for a single set of speed drives due to low torque, or another reason? Seems like light guys like myself would fair OK with a wheel a little under twice the size of what you recommend.

Like @mmaner I’m wondering if this is the same set up for the torquedrive also @LEVer@Saturn_Corp 90 mm max for 2wd SDR. 97mm works for a lil guys like us…but be careful and not recommend. if you want six shooter get a another drive there is couple for sale right now which is rare…or get a SDR-XL might work for you they recommend 97mm to 107 mm… torquedrive 90mm to 125 mm.

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he was selling an adaptor for the TD, not sure if he still has them tho

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Well I hope he has more to come… I hope…as I got a 4wd td in the mix when I get the drives and I’m wanting the keegal wheel adapter for my SDR if he is making them yet.

Fitting SixShooters on TD doesn’t require any modification, just need to buy get the female adapter for the SixShooters.


Yes. TorqueDrive 2WD will work with SixShooters, just avoid any hills an all-you-can-eat buffets. :sweat_smile:


Appreciate this thread, thank you Jerry.

I own a Carvon SDR that’s at @Psychotiller Ranch; the plan was to pull the SDR out of the Evo platform and move it into something smaller and lighter.

@LEVer I commend you on bringing Carvon to market. I’ve watched your CRL video at least twenty times; inspiring vision.

@mmaner still LMAO


Sorry for neglecting this. Nice tut however :smiley:

His cellphone and laptop. He forgot the code which is why there was no communication :joy:


Probably @senders presale order :thinking: