Carvon v2.5 axle snap

Hopped on my board and about 10 seconds later the motor goes flying and I’m face down in cement. Banged up my arm a little but overall I’m fine.


Glad u are ok, guess this cements the death of the 8mm eskate axle.


oh no! Glad you’re okay.

So far Enertion, Landwheel and Carvon has snapped. This can’t be good. @BigBoyToys V2s are cast and V3/4 are CNC right? Does this mean new stuff should be less likely to have this happen?


Yup, motor seems fully intact. I’ll do testing later and see if someone wants to buy it and fix it up, I definitely don’t have the tools to get it working again.

The v2.5 are much older though

yeah, but you look like you are what 130lb? My fata$$ might speed up that aging process


Hopefully it’s limited to 8mm axles on hub motors and cheap clone trucks only. Not many vendors make 10mm axles

I see the aluminum hanger broke off after steel axle sheered. Such poor steel quality. Would have gone with chromoly.

130 in the spot. And I’ve probs only got like 100-200 miles.

@Michael319 did you contact Carvon?

@Michaelinvegas might wanna let Jerry know

Not only are the new carvons CNC’d, they also have larger diameter axles.

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Contacted Jerry first.

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8mm axles were originally designed as children’s toys anyway a LONG time ago and the time is ripe for an industry-wide adoption of 12mm and 10mm, and all the annoying incompatibilities that come with it


Yeah, well Im glad the leaders in the hub/direct drive world like Jerry and Hummie saw this coming and already Have Larger axle models out or in the works.


Glad I went with the new Carvon v4 XL. 10mm axels… beefy.

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Wanna trade?


Doesn’t it step down to 8mm to fit 608 bearings?

Just got some quality stiches. Warning: Blood

Jerry offered me a discount, but I’m probs just gonna switch to a belt drive. Really want some better low speed performance.

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On the website the xl only steps down to 10mm and is 305mm axel tip to tip.

I think this is good, I will also be running a surf rods front truck with a 200mm hanger and adjustable axel width which is also available in 10mm.

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Lol. Should have been a full refund or replacement…