CarvOn v2.5 single hub motors will stop production soon

Thanks. I was going off of this guide. In the ‘Choosing a Power Supply’ section it implies that 48V PSU will work for 12S.

Anyhow, appreciate the catch. Not as stoked on the increased spend for a PSU. The KORAD has a max of 5A, which would give me a charging time of just over an hour correct?

Any other blunders you notice in the part selection?

Faster charge time but you decrease your cells life

At 5A I wouldn’t even be charging at 1c. Most hobby lipos are rated to at least 1c charging and many can take much more. I occasionally charge my multirotor lipo’s at 2-3c and have 100’s of cycles with little damage to the batteries. Some of the packs I own are rated to 5c charge rate. I like my house in its unburnt state so I would not push to 5c.

My batteries are also rated for 5C charge but I charge them at 1C. Fast enough for my recreational riding. The power supply in the article you posted shows specs with CC/CV output but I didn’t see that in the power supply you listed.

Going to get a brick charger for the time being. As always, thanks Namasaki. Do you suggest I put the other BMS for sale or keep as a backup?

I have not had one fail yet but it’s never a bad idea to keep a backup. If you can afford to keep it then that is what I would recommend.

Copy, I will keep for the time being. I’m sure I will be back in a few weeks when everything comes in and the build process begins. If not, pictures of the finished build to follow!