Carvon V2 DUAL HUB Battery options

I just ordered the Carvon V2 Dual Hub Motors. Now I’m looking for a battery.

I weigh 190lbs and don’t ride hills. I think I would be happy with 5-6 mile range 10 would be amazing I am also not looking for top speed. Just reliability. Oh also I’m scared of those puffy lipos. I’m mostly worried about overall weight of the board. What’s the best battery option for me?

Im looking at options. Would 6S2P be way too weak?

If I have to go 10s or 12s what do you guys think of MEB?

I make custom battery packs for less than most options

You can’t do better than a battery custom built for your particular application. Especially with Hub motors because they are more demanding than a belt driven drivetrain. 10s is pretty much the standard and should do well with your motors.

@barajabali looks really good at making packs. Like others said, custom built is the best for you.

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Aren’t Carvons at 6s good for like 30+mph? Wouldn’t 10s give you a top speed of like 50mph, and way out of their efficiency range at normal riding speeds?

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I ran mine on 12s and no way could I get 50mph. Best I ever got on flat ground was 33mph Runplayback got 31mph with 10s but he’s only 145 lbs Problem with 6s is the amp pull is too high. The Carvons are 145kv motors so higher voltage is ok