Carvon V2 Dual Hub Motors For Sale $425 - SOLD

These are back on the block. I snagged this set of Carvons when Namasaki listed them, the other day, to use in my 4WD project. Since that time, I got to experience a Trampa Street Carver setup, which has specialized carving trucks. I’m going to build my 4WD hub project on the Trampa components, and will have to go with Jacob or Hummies hubs to make that work.

I just received these today; haven’t used them, but they look and feel like a quality product. Namasaki will know the history. Jerry at Carvon still stands behind them.

Carvon II Dual hub motor set. Black edition with ceramic bearings and Abec11 Flywheel. Used but in good condition. 2 sets of clone wheels included. $425 USD shipped in the USA. Send me a message if interested!

Still for sale. I get more and more tempted to build something with these things, every time see them.

Someone buy these up, before I do that! I impulse bought them before I really thought my plans out, because the deal was so killer. Same deal, here. I just want back what I have in them: $425 shipped, insured, CONUS.

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Hows the torque and acceleration?

I can’t give you a firsthand review on that, as I haven’t bolted these up to a deck, but from the considerable amount of lit that I read on them, on this forum, the power delivery is pretty sweet. These are the most tried and true hubs, at the moment.

The former owner of this particular set said they were stealthy, light weight, and faster than his belt setup. Power was quicker and smoother, but he lived in a very hilly area and was heating up ESCs constantly. He had to convert. I don’t know if rider weight was also a factor.

Check out the builds from Runplayback, Namasaki, and a few others. Those are what convinced me to purchase these, right before I became obsessed with this other build plan that is dependent on me being able to use different trucks.

The Torque and acceleration is amazing with these motors at 12s voltage They respond quickly when throttle is applied and brakes work very well. I have gone over 30 mph on flat ground and 28 mph up a 5% grade. The hill in the video is 10% grade. I did not have any problem with Esc’s overheating on flat ground or short grades. Only when doing long repeated runs up steeper hills. See them in action here


Wow they are really nice. But they are really expensive at the same time

New, there a substantial investment. At $425 there a bargain and about what you would pay for a good dual belt drive.

Yeah I’ll see if I should buy them.

Here is a video of CARVON DUAL in action - blasting 38 MPH which sick as fuck :heart_eyes:


Hello @wolffoxx can you shed some light on this tramp Street carver project? I’m also considering such a setup.
If I’m not mistaken, the trampa hanger have a 9,52mm axle. How are you going to mount your hub motors?

I, unfortunately, had to abandon that project, for lack of commitment :sweat: The axle diameter was the problem. It would take machining or some sort a custom adapter to make those axles work with any of the hubs, currently available.

I’m building a 4WD hub skate with a hi5ber raptor deck, instead. If you’re not set on hubs, Trampa has gone electric with the Street Carver..

If you pursue your project, I’ll be stoked to see it, though!

I see, same problem. Stupid of them. Or maybe not a big deal for them because they use custom bearing for normal wheels. But not hub motors …

Thanks for letting me know. Will post if / when I make progress…

Hi5ber deck is also very nice! You have a build thread?

I want buy that…

but i’m living at Korea ㅠㅠ

@hyunseok just contact @LEVer at Carvon he can make you some