Carvon v2 like new $400 SOLD

Pretty much new carvons for sale. I have been waiting for vescs forever, finally got them, hooked the carvons up and blew a drv chip in one of them switching from foc to bldc. Near my place is pretty hilly, so I am thinking I should just sell these basically new carvons and switch to a single bigger satellite motor to eat these hills…

Well, i would not recommend the switch from two to one motor… especially because you are living in a pretty hilly area. For hills everyone here would recommend two motors. It does not mean that you cannot drive hills up, it means you cannot “eat” hills :wink:

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Well, my thought is one big satellite motor would probably do as well as two carvons? In either case, I am going to get another motor when more vescs arrive

One big motor will not be enough. Your idea of a second motor when the missing VESCs arrives is good.

Great food for thought. I am new to esk8, have 4 ebikes I put together. I have never really ridden an esk8 before the other day when I was trying to configure the vesc. It seemed sweet, like a magic carpet ride. I primarily use my longboards for kite surfing. How much drag does a 12mm dual big motor setup have when you let off the gas?

I have one small motor and its great on hills as long a you gear it for torque and not top speed and have at least a 10s battery I’m doing 13/36 at 12s (worked fine on 9s too) TB 6355 230kv motor

Where do you buy 13/36, enertion only has 15/36…

you can get as low as 12T pulley from . Just be wary that going with such low teeth count may result in belt skipping.

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Yep DIY 13t 12mm No skipping yet fingers crossed

I’m actually even going to try 13/40 with the help of another forum member 3D printing a 40t pulley for me

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Check out my single build:

I regularly pull 240 lbs up fairly steep hills with that setup. Any one lighter than that would consider it a hill eater.

Are the Carvons still for sale?

Yep, still have them.

I’ll take em, if kedwards doesn’t want them (since he asked first it’s only polite!). Hoping to start my build with them.

Go dual for hills if they are really steep and you plan on climbing 5-10+ hills at once. Single will work and should do well though.

@Bender I’ll have 40T for ABEC about mid month.

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I certainly appreciate the politeness @jsohal! - They’re all yours; sadly still a bit out of my budget atm

The price appears to keep falling on these- if jsohal hasn’t picked them up yet, I’ll take them at $400 (assuming my eyes aren’t deceiving me)…

still have them, pm me…

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I ordered some 13/36, 90mm wheels, r spec 637? and a vesc, curious to try my hill. I have a sweet spot right by doorstep! You are printing a pulley? Shouldn’t pulleys be made out of metal? I would be curious to hear how the 40t works. What size wheel?