Carvon v3 speed drive [SOLD]

Can include front trucks and wheels


Interested, but I’m not familiar with specs. Kv and power? and what are you asking? I don’t want to accidentally lowball and insult you.

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2500w per motor, 110KV. They only accept abec 11 wheels and have a top speed of 35-45 depending on your power settings and wheel size. Hes gonna want $500+ if they are basically unused.


Sorry but @BigBoyToys basically is spot on

What is the axle length, end-to-end?

Of the hub motors or the trucks?

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The whole thing. I think the v4 are 305mm

Still for sale

hello how much does it coast with wheels and without?

Carvon along with hub motors coast a lot just carvon motors are crazy fast will park has already sold this set.

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How much do you want for these?

Already sold dude

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I just measured a Carvon V3 at 120Kv. Putting this here for historical reference only.