Carvon V4 dual | 10S2P range?

So I recently blew up my board and it is now left useless without a motor. But my 10S2P battery is still completely in tact and working. So I’m left with the option of putting in the bare minimum and be up in running within a month or I could wait up to 4-5months and upgrade the shit out of it with Carvon Torque V4 Dual motors. So I’m wondering if whoever has carvons can let me know why their setup is(particularly watthours) and how much range they get.

I think you’ll get similar range to what you got with the stuff that blew up. The amount of work being done is the same, and motors have different efficiencies but chances are with the same pack and same rider you get similar range.


Forgot to mention my previous build was a single motor