Carvon v4 Speed Drive (SOLD)

Carvon v4 SD. New, never powered up, never connected. Just kinda lost interest in street build and focusing on eMTB. PM offers.

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EU or US ?

US Ten characters

Might consider it. PMed

Are you sure these are v4s? I believe the v4s have a plastic insert for the wheels.

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According to Jerry they are. Except for the inserts for non-Abec 11 wheels. I forgot to put that up there.

I pm’ed you. Did you already sell these?

Hey how much you asking just pm’ed u

That makes these a “V3”. Specs-wise V4 and V3 is the same. I call mine V4s now because I don’t intend to use anything but flywheels. But if you’re selling them. Make sure buyers know