Carvon V4 SpeedDrive R - 2

They are new, never installed or powered up. I had hopes of building a 4wd board but life got in the way

$700 + shipping per or $1,350 + shipping for both

IMG_20190712_163614 IMG_20190712_163624 IMG_20190712_163631

No interest here at all?

NOPE…Because I have these same ones for sale at $140 with the DKP trucks

Link? 10 chars

Carvon drives were already pricey, and now there’s zero chance of support in the event that something goes wrong (not there ever was any in the first place, but now people know that).

You’re probably going to have to lower the price by quite a bit before someone bites.

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Why no interest?? Are you by any chance selling both? or only 1 set?

Will ship them anywhere in the lower 48 for free.

$700 per or $1,350 for both

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It really is gonna be a tough sell. If something happens to them, noone to fix em. Especially with Torqueboards having a better product with support for the same price.

I feel your pain. I dropped $700 to Carvon and don’t have shit.


Dito. Fuck carvons. Way more interesting Stuff out now from reputable dealers


I actually still have these. Anyone want to make me an offer? Still unused and same condition as above.



How much lol

$1,000 shipped for both.


$800 shipped bump