Carvon X. Your thoughts?

equipped with a one way bearing, single motor dual drive. What do you guys think?


What size motor?

Looks nice. Is there more spec available?

Does it have breaks?

I’ve actually wondered why motor manufacturers dont use a longer shaft and shoot it out both sides. Seems like a win win to me. That being said, as Ive never done it, who knows :). Is it possible that turning wont work correctly, since since both wheels will be spinning the same speed?

Yeah, it seems like that would be an issue but if you look at some types of cars with locked differentials they seem to work relatively well considering how wide the wheelbase of a car is. I think with the torque of these motors traction could be an issue when going around a corner and using any power.

I’ve wanted a one-way forever! Guessing that only one side has the one-way so you still get brakes. Carvon seems to have tons of cool shit coming out, but everyone I’ve seen posting says their stuff is either late (EMCX, etc) or had issues (EMC) or not out yet (v3 hubs, now this awesome looking thing?)

@NickTheDude I thought the same thing about turning and lockers, having owned a dozen or so Jeeps. The think that might be the difference is the steering linkage on a car is very stiff and very specific in its radius, not so much with truck bushings. I’d be interested to see how well it turns.

Today, I was just thinking if it were possible :smiley:

Hmm, that’s interesting. Looks like two SK3 caps on the standard housing and an extended 8mm shaft.

My guess it that a setup like this would be more prone to slide but maybe not since the wheels are close together.

Nvm, says it has one way bearings. Should be fine

Without any long term testing, it’s hard to tell how it’s going to perform. My guess is that it will be pretty hard on the belts when turning. Sticky wheels probably won’t slip on the ground which puts all that force on the belts. I’d go with hard wheels and start drifting around bends :slight_smile:

Watching this one looks interesting.

Combining the one-way bearings with a mechanical braking system could be interesting. Would also be cool to incorporate the one-way bearings into the wheel pulley instead of the motor pulley. That way you could achieve insane coasting (basically equivalent to a normal longboard).

This might help some of your guys questions, he has been working on it for a while

No further specs, I will ask tho. This could mean a cheaper alternative to a 4wd set up? More space for batteries as well, 2 less VESCS.

Need to know how breaking will work as looking at the video both wheels are running one way bearings.

I have had that idea for months, just not the money to actually get them made. Should have jumped on it sooner, anyway looks pretty nice :laughing:

more pics were posted, it is possible all the braking is done thru the front hubs? I just asked and will post his answer here.

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If so, I guess it is not possible to have two of these as a 4WD set up using only two VESCS.