Cast Truck Hanger dimensions

Hey all, I want to start a repository of cross-sectional dimensions for different trucks we use in order to make motor mounts.

Requested: -Ronin Cast -Caliber 2 -TB wide -Paris V2 -Surfrodz rkp -Trampa Carver


Any other suggestions are welcomed and will be added to the requested list above. I’m willing to make cad models of said hangers and upload them here for others to use but I do not have access to all trucks. I will be uploading a CAD model for caliber 2’s tomorrow.



Thx PXSS. Anyone with Trampa Carver truck dimensions or CAD model?

I have edited my first post to include requests and fulfillment status so we can keep track of everything nicely as this thread grows

Hey, Were you ever able to complete the CAD model for the Caliber II trucks?