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Whats the fastest you can go on these hubs with your setup? And what do you have them winded to (Kv). Im thinking about getting these same hubs and what to know about them. Thanks

probably all that grease eating those watt hours :stuck_out_tongue:

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rant start

So I’ve got a firefly from about 1-2 months ago and initially I was pretty happy with it. Everything seemed to be working, felt pretty ok in the hand, I was pleased. But I was able to test it and use it until now.

This thing is trash.

The 3d print quality is incredibly low, layers are delaminating and entire strips of plastic have fallen off the sides of the casing. Attempting to smooth the surface with XTC-3D basically wasted the stuff since the print would literally suck up the epoxy into the print instead of letting it sit on top. The screws strip out the holes so now they’re just there for decoration, oh wait, no they fell out and now the casing is just held together with duct tape.

The electronics are anxiety-inducing. I dropped the remote after arriving in SF and the crystal from the arduino literally fell right off the board. The thing is supposed to be soldered on, what even. After precariously duct taping the thing back on, I found out the remote would disconnect if I even placed my hand over the area with the rf transceiver. :scream: And then the solution to this was to flip the pcb over??? I can only guess as to why that worked, maybe the interference from power delivery is not as bad when its closer together??? And the straw that broke the camel’s back, the reason I’m ranting here is the deadman’s switch had a wire come off just randomly while I was using it. When’s the next wire going to remove itself and cause my death?

rant end

Honestly I don’t blame either Seethebridges or Solidgeek, love the design and even being able to use a remote with such a appealing design, I just wish it worked more reliably :pensive:

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@Pedrodemio @anon64938381 yeah the wheels are so greased up and resistant that I can leave my board on a decent incline and it doesn’t go anywhere.

@dougpage I’ve tested it to up to 33mph, so its likely around 80kv, @Hummie probably knows best, but i think that’s a great range to be around. If you want my advice, get the fancy japanese bearings, feels much better.


I’ve had similar observations but have yet to actually test or use it yet. The prints are noticeably lower quality with uneven surfaces. I dropped it once and felt liek something came loose and the deadman switch started to feel abit off with inconsistent throw.

Opened it up and tried to align everything properly before putting it back together which took me a longer time than expected. Still not sure if its because of the casing but I do plan on ordering a couple of cases which should provide better durability.

The screws do feel like they aren’t really doing anything in holding the case together but I’m giving the benefit of the doubt to @SeeTheBridges because He’s had alot going on for him that time. cost me quite abit so I still want to get a good experience at the very least from the components. Shell or casing can more easily be replaced or upgraded.

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its probably not just the grease in the bearings and you should give it to me to make sure the bearings aren’t being compressed. i think one of @Winfly’s motors also has a bearing compressed. i didn’t know what i was doing and those were some of the first put together.


Thanks, I’ll pop by with @Winfly some time

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It’s all over

Only lasted a week


Fuck man , what happened?

What happened? :frowning:

I guess either balance leads shorted from vibration tearing insulation, or your cells in between from vibration made contact or just too high current I don’t know if your metr records are 2x or just single motor but if its single motor 40A bat (80A total) is bit too much to handle for 4P 30Q

Wow. Smoke looks like foam coming out the front. A frothy foamy flame. Nice photo. How’d the motors do!? I’ll do m if u give them to me

:sob: could only salvage the motors 42200836_318616392276115_7519449740484804608_n


So as I was carrying my board from class, smoke started leaking out the sides of the enclosure. I tossed the board to the ground and took a step back, but 30s to 1min later, the board erupted in fire. Kept burning for a while until someone found a fire extinguisher.

If anyone wants to see some lit videos my friend took


@Kug3lis I agree, must have been something shorting the batteries together, tried to pack too must in too little space.

@Hummie Honestly, these motors are rock solid, the bushings melted off, the urethane got a bit drippy, but the motors still feel like when i got em so the windings and bearings must be not bad. Pretty good heat test if you ask me :stuck_out_tongue:. Hopefully I can come by to get these fixed up, I don’t feel like giving up yet


Do you know a good material that can withstand the vibrations and keep everything safe?

Personally I will be probably using plastic sheets of like 1mm in between to isolate :slight_smile:

Some people use kapton and fiberglass tape… isn’t it good enough?

did you lay the balance leads directly across the cells?

do you remember if the balance leads crossed each other?

the side of the pack where the balance leads were, was that side boardside or roadside?

last question, was the battery just lying inside the enclosure or did you mount it to the deck?

sorry about your board.

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hmm, probably was crossing, didn’t make a point to keep them isolated