Catellated Tesseract | Hummie Hubs V4 | Stewii Dual Escape | 12s4p 30Q | Psychotiller Enclosure

Well, maybe but I want to make sure…

How thick were your nickel strips?

.15x8, used a layer for parallel and 4 for series connections.

Ouff this makes me want to take my build to Kaly for a safety inspection on all the parts :joy:

Edit: If Kaly sees this he’s ganna be like “who tf are you?”

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What front wheels are those?

Abec11 centrax wheels

So far by my counting ion cells soldered is more prone to fires than simple plug n go lipo


Kapton won’t be doing much for mechanical insulation though.

Looks like this is near RSF! Hope you’re alright dude.


Seeing this makes me sad. Good that nothing else catched fire. I hope those beautiful motors are salvageable and you can get on a board soon!

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it looks like its right next to Barrow and Sproul parking lot

Its actually right next to haas

Damn. Is there a black patch on the ground now?

I think there are spots from the melted urethane, but I left before facilities finished cleaning up the mess

yo we should meetup sometime.

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Haha have since graduated, no longer there ):

Such a nice deck and build. :scream: :sob::sob:


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Do you have any additional pics of the battery build? Cant say I see anything crazy wrong. Though the balance leads look kind of haphazardly placed and not isolated from the cells.

And this below always scared the shit out of me on 18650 builds, if that little corner gets pushed in it could go under the insulation and short out.


I think this reinforces the idea that 18650 packs can be more dangerous than lipo, just due to there being many more ways to short a pack. And ironic since you originally planned to run lipo. :weary: :cold_sweat: The reason you couldnt solder it is that the tabs are aluminum and you need special aluminum solder.


Kepton tape keeps the heat inside so you might want to use non flamable foam strips… but best is to build with space and mind to put enough insulation… also understand that there might be also slight flex… so don’t make all super stiff if you have room

who the f are you… hahaha… Ernesto might help you but he is busy… and really don’t like to build other than his stuff … exactly for these reasons… cheers from :panda_face:

Dammit man! That sucks! Think it might have been caused by the balance leads melting or maybe you use too little nickel strip for such high currents. Or maybe the cells has become too hot. 68A for 4p is really high. Wish you the best!

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