CE marking + other requirements?

Hi guys

I am considering opening a webshop with different e-sk8 hardware in the EU. Before I go through with it, I have a rather important question. Do any of you have any experience with the necessity of getting CE marking and other requirements that by law is required within the EU?

I know that there’s others who sell e-sk8 parts within the EU. I am not sure though wether they live up to these requirements.

Do you know if is necessary to get a CE license when building (modifying) battery packs? The battery itself (ex. Samsung 25r) is already CE marked but I am not sure that it will be enough.

I hope aome of you guys can help. Otherwise I must find the i fo elsewhere :slight_smile:

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Here is some information:

Regarding your question, I personally have no idea. But the site above links to contact points for your country, so perhaps you can contact them and ask.

Might I ask what are you contemplating selling?

I have used that website before… IT IS A NIGHTMARE! Seriously… I have spend maybe 10 hours reading stuff that just explains the same stuff without EVER getting to the point… Lawyers…

I have now contacted the family’s attorny who (I really hope) can help. If anybody is interested, I will keep you updated!

I am considering offering prebuild (spotwelded) batterypacks, fiber glass / ABS enclosures, hub motors, nano/mini remotes and more. Basically all the good stuff :sunglasses: