Cell error lipo battery

I have a 30c 3s turnigy lipo battery and when I connect it to the charge it tells me “cell error invalid voltage”, I have an imax b6, what can I do?

Is the balance cable properly connected?

Yes,it’s correct

What’s the voltage of each cell

Do you have a way to check it?

3.18 3.19 2.45 , It’s a problem…

Yeah. That cell is bad. Most likely trying anything at this point would just be a bandaid for that cell. Only real safe choice is replace that battery pack.


I havent any money …

Are you still under warranty?

I bought it a fra mounth ago

In reality, all 3 cells have been over discharged. You probably have some swelling at this point. The internal resistance of the lowest cell is probably very high now. The only safe and practical option now is to replace the pack. And avoid discharging below 3.6v


Agree just chalk it up as a loss not worth trying to recover at best it will work crappy for one or two more runs, at worst you have a near impossible to extinguish chemical fire. Good side is you only killed a 3S, I did the same to a 6S.

The cell didn’t blow up. Is there a way to bring it to a normal voltage?

i had the same issue last week. 1 cell of my 3s battery swelled as f…

i left cool down and the swell was gone,but the battery was all unbalanced. i put to charge with 0.5A (normally i charge with 3.0A) and the battery come back working/charging normally.

i guess what happened to me was that i went to long and steep hill to test if the regenerative brakes really charge the battery. went that after this 2 min braking on this hill, 1cell get swelled, but this battery is also very old though.

but, the cell that i mentioned is a little puffy nowadays…

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How can i resolve the error on the charger? so that i can charge the cell

Try what @xBRAZILx just suggested. If that doesn’t work you need a new lipo.

Could you tell me how can i set the recharge? I am not able to use the charger, and online i did’t find nothing.

You either charge the one cell from the balance lead with tiny pins or instead of lipo balance charge you do lipo charge to attempt to get the low cell up near the others then balance charge should work

Sorry i’m Italian and i don’t understand :pensieroso:

charge for 60 seconds nicad instead of lipo then interrupt and load normally lipo balance sorry my english is italian