Central London Meetup

anyone interested in a Central London meetup and group ride?

there are a few UK based riders in the uk-esk8 facebook group that will most likely be up for it, given enough notice and subject to wife/family approval.

please reply to this topic if you are potentially interested, if there is enough interest i will sort out a date and location


Was going to do this as well but beet me to it.

Here is the link

But times and dates and locations still to confirm with people but more the merrier but at the moment it’s not worth it so please join and let us know who’s going.


nice one @2-alex-2

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Re posting event on Esk8Squad FB pages


It seems it won’t let me report ur event

ahhh thanks for the repost :slight_smile:

had to re-read your post a couple of times before i got the meaning (its been a long day)

I get his message when I pull it up

@Michaelinvegas Alex has just this second changed the privacy - should be all good to go…

Ok I’ll try it later … heading home from the Bay Area today

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