Cf- deck need input

So I as starting to lean towards offering complete boards instead of having people bring me a deck and just adding my trucks, enclosures , mounts and generic remotes vescs and sk3 motors. I have a replacement for my 3d printed mounts figured out as many may know. Now I am working on a deck. The deck will be bigger than most of you prefer but people I sell them to dont really care about the size more about going far fast and safe. My decks will be made of carbon fiber an have room for 4 vescs and batteries up to 12s8p while I am currently researching having 12s5-6p made.

Trying to create a dual drive board for 800-900 dollars.

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you could upload screenshots with the snip tool

I did not have internet on my computer when I made this post sorry. I updated it.

You might like to confirm if your the design can accommodate big pneumatic wheels :slight_smile: