CF Print ABS Enclosure

Messing around in the shop today I think I figured out how to do CF enclosures if anyone likes them.

What do you guys think?


So nice. Looks like legit CF too. I’m really liking all your enclosure designs. And here I am wrestling with a sandwich box and too tall esc, like a savage…

Just out of curiosity, do you have any plans for a smaller, slightly taller enclosure for more basic builds? I’m doing my first build with 2x3s Zippys, TB 6s esc, and a Rosti Mepal box. Seems like the perfect size box for this basic setup, except the esc is about 5mm too tall to fit. A CF box the same size with a little raised hump area for the esc would be sweet. Even better, a 2 piece version, like the sandwich box, so it can be mounted with the top half “floating” on grommets for the flexy, curved deck situations. (Channeling “Loaded Dervish” build thread). That’s my vision. Seems like there would be a lot of folks, especially first timers that could use a box like this for simple builds.

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Awesome! What about more two set enclosures, smaller sizes.

i love that stuff… looks soo awesome…

where you able to source in it the US? I have tried to find it but only find sellers in the UK

I must be the only one here that hates the 2 box set up. Flex? Blech!

…I’ll work on it this week. :smirk:

@torqueboards and @Mobutusan will you guys give me some dimensions to work with?

And no I will absolutely not make them look like boosted.

-I have this enclosure that I haven’t put up for sale yet… I call it the Schurmanator. -Steve S. had me build it for him. It is tall and skinny. 2" tall, 5 1/2" wide and 16" long.

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I only found thinner stuff here so I can do it in 2 pieces sandwiched together. 1/8" + the thin print CF

The dual box is beneficial since it’s not often you need to re-open the ESC enclosure and swapping one box for (2) 6S is easier.

What are the dimensions of the 6s batteries your using?

What are the dimensions of the 6s batteries your using?

I’m actually thinking about the most basic 1 box setup for a single motor, car ESC, 6s, 5,000mah setup. As a first timer, I chose this route for simplicity, cost & ease of setup, and i think many others are in the same boat. Of course, next build will be VESC based, with bigger batteries, dual motor, subwoofer, toaster oven, foot massaging grip tape, etc., but for now the enclosure box is my biggest logistical challenge. I’m sure it doesn’t help that it’s going on to my trusty old 46" Gravity board that flexes like a wet noodle, and has a crazy curved bottom like Jennifer Lopez, but this is my life right now. That’s why I proposed the two piece (top & bottom, sandwich box style) design so I can stand off the box from the curved deck with grommets/spacers and still access everything easily. Maybe that’s more a v.2 design issue for you, but for now, a compact, 1 piece enclosure is intriguing enough. Now that I think about it, some strategically placed neoprene foam weatherstripping around the edge of the enclosure might make the 1 piece unit conform better to the board curves, and keep the box sealed. So, now on to pictures for my proposed setup…

Exterior Dimensions: Rosti Mepal Box: Length=242mm (9.5"); Width=172mm (6.75"); Height=33mm (1.25") Torqueboards ESC (FVT 120, I think): Length=57mm (2.25"); Width=37mm (<1.5"); Height=37mm (<1.5") Zippy 5,000mah, 3s, 20C Lipo: Length=143mm (5.625"); Width=50mm (<2.0"); Height=22mm (0.875")

For a 2 box setup, I think I like the idea of a larger battery box, for say, 10,000mah batteries, and a smaller electronics box. Using the Rosti Mepal box as a reference, it will hold 4x3s,5000mah batteries comfortably, and a half sized box for the electronics seems adequate.

Haha! Foot massaging grip tape…

I can work with those numbers. The abs enclosures conform to concave decks nicely-even flex a bit. The issue really is just how much that gravity deck flexes…I have an ed economy 46" hanging on my shop wall from years ago. it may be the squishiest thing I’ve ever stepped on. Wait, no I’m sticking to that story. If you mount the enclosure close to the rear it may not be an issue.

A couple of my enclosures would work perfectly for you now, but I will start work on a dual enclosure right away.

What is the differences between (Kydex) and (ABS) for Vacum Molding?

Does one have more Flex that the other when molded?

I think kydex is stiffer. Harder to work with too.

Got any pics of said enclosures? I’m committed to making my sandwich box for this build, but I’m sure I’m not the only one that would like to see what you’re working with right now. I think there could be a good market for you for the more compact, modular enclosures.

There are lots of pics all over the place. I don’t want to keep flooding the forums with the same pictures over and over again…If you search enclosures on the forums you’ll see a bunch. Most by me. Ebay as well.



Oh, ok. I saw those. I thought you had other smaller ones that you hadn’t shown yet.

I think your missing one…Ha!

Oh ok I’ll take a pic or two!

@psychotiller, I came across this box today and got to thinking about your enclosures and whether you could incorporate a carry handle into one of your designs. Just an idea.

Yeah I probably could. The mystery though is WILL I? :scream:

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