Chain drive length question

I’m sure this particular chain drive kit has been linked in a few various threads before -

My question is can i change the length? I can’t see it in the description anywhere. My mount fits belts that are 255mm long. Obviously you can shorten a chain, and these are 300mm - will these have split links or any thing like that already? How would i go about taking off a couple links?

Also, is the gear ratio alright? What would this particular ratio lend itself to? (14:27) My current belt drive is (15:36) which is quite a difference, running a SK3 245 on 8s.

Any insight form people more mechanical would be great, cheers guys

Assuming this is #25 chain (smaller than bike chain) It’s a pain in the ass. I actually had to make my own chain breaker tool because I was unable to find one for #25 chain. Regular bike chain breakers won’t work because they are too big.

So you can buy individual links and half-links from various online sellers to custom tune the length of the chain


but at the end of the day a chain breaker is going to make your life much easier.


Yeah, thats what i was worried about. @mmaner thanks for the link and reply, i suspected it would differ to a bike chain given it would be smaller unfortunately :disappointed:

Back to the drawing board for the time being i think!

We use this #25 chain breaker all the time in robotics. Our whole drivetrain runs on #25 chain. Super simple to use, just line it up and push the pin out with the simple twist of an allen key.

You can try these sprockets they have custom sizes of course they are pre-made tho but they fit regular bicycle chains. Unfortunately im currently in the process of moving and i had to pack those away so i cant post any pics at the moment. Sorry

I ordered my cheap #25H chain breaker at petrolscooter in uk via ebay, they have a webshop as well. It’s impossible to open a chain without a breaker! My experience with chains: I ordered different sprockets, chains and chain links for my e-longboard and e-mountainboard build. It cost a lot and took me about 2 weeks to fit the sprockets on kegel wheels and 9" pneumatics. I was ready for my first and last test ride on the longboard. I don’t like chains at all, i was so disappointed! It is rough and loud,the metal sound is heavy dude! Also it felt very bad for me and after some minutes the motor sprocket got loose. I had 2 screws with thread locker, one inside the keyway of the motor shaft. Needs a keyway in the sprocket, too.

Belts are super smooth compared to chains, that’s why 99% use it. Also if your wheel or sprocket has a bit wobble a belt can stretch, a chain not. I switched from 9mm to 15mm.


Bought this exact chain and sprocket for my setup. Was a pain in the a** but was able to remove a few of the links to make it fit. Would recommend getting a pin punch to knock out the pin.

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just use a nail lol

do you have a link?

Can send you the link later when I’m at home. What exactly do you need, are you based in EU?

okay and just the chain tool was just test fitting at the chain is just about a link short

*long my bad