Chain Drive Question

I will be using a 200mm wheel and a 170kv 6374 motor and I want a balance between speed and torque.

How does the ratio in a chain drive work? Is it the same as a belt drive?

Where/what stores are chain drives/parts available? Links please.

Thanks! @okp



The ratio is the same but the teeth count is less. Like 9/40 or 10/40 or 10/42 Depends for sure on your requirements


Unikboards’ would’ve been perfect! I just need the wheel and motor sprocket + chain. But it’s out of stock… Anywhere else I can find a set like it?


You can get your motor sprockets and chains from here pretty cheap

I would go with iso 06b

I would sent a pm to @Nowind about wheels sprockets. He might have some in stock depending on your hubs.

You can also get wheel sprockets from the side you I linked but you would need to drill the hole pattern etc by your own.

One more option I totally forgot about could be



Which hubs you have? Just remind I have some new wheels sprockets at home for trampa hypa hubs :sweat_smile: In case that’s what you looking for.

It’s actually for an experiment/project I’m doing to “electrify” a kick scooter.

I would have the ones you can see on the picture image

If you anyhow make it as school project I think you can find all you need on the gears and sprockets website and just modify it to your needs.


yeah ! I just got one sprocket left in stock that I can send you for free but usually people go dual. I’ll get new ones by end of Feb but I can’t recommend enough to contact @Nowind !

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Is there a cheap place in the US? Lots of the EU sites are cheaper but shipping kills it

McMaster Carr. Depends on what meterial you get but it’s a hit or miss

At $15 for a single motor sprocket? I don’t have $80 to blow on that

I mean they are top quality and you get what you pay for but still

Than order from China…you get something cheap, with a bit luck even what you ordered.


@okp @Andy87 thanks for mention me on this topic

selling ISO-06 stuff as well complete Dual Kit 8/40 gearing, 8mm Motorshaft, Keyways, spacers for Superstar OR Mbs 150€