Chain set eMtb hypa hubs

Hey guys,

For my new build I’m looking for chain and mostly sprockets. I’m going to be using hypa hubs and R-spec 6374 motors. I have a little bit of trouble finding a suitable sprocket set though. I was looking for a ratio of around 1:4 to 1:5 and preferably iso6b sizing.

If anyone has some, or even knows where to get some, please let me know!

@Nowind sell them. shoot him a PM if he still have sets on stock. It´s iso06b sprockets 40teeth. Chains you can get from him too.

Like Andy87 said ,I bought mine from him. Otherwise you’ll have @okp (from unikboards) and Overion. All are located in EU.

Sorry , i just saw you were looking for Hypa compatible wheel sprockets , so @Nowind will indeed be your best bet.As Overion and Unikboards only have them for Superstars i think.

yes unikboards sell only for superstar and MBS hubs with 42th, but they have motor sprockets for 8mm shaft. the etoxx motor sprockets are for 10mm shaft (or as min I didn’t ask about 8mm…)

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Nowind might also have sprockets for 8mm , as i received both 10mm’s and 8mm’s with my order. If i remember well the 8mm’s do not come with grub scruws nor holes so you will need to glue them with Loctite , which isn’t really a problem.

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just interest, which Loctite you used for it? the red 262?

I don’t use loctite but this one

Which should be about the same as Loctite 648 . On my current board i use belts and as i’ve lost the grub screws for one of my motor pulleys i used lock it 400 instead of the grub screws. If you wait at least 24h after application of lockit or loctite the pulley will not come loose. I’ve used it for about 50km’s (recent build) without problems.

And for the Loctite it should be the green one . loctite 648

the 648 stick like hell. you can get it off with heat in case you want to remove the pulley again?

It will be hard to remove but i did it once and succeeded, i used a hot air gun and 2 flat screw drivers to remove the pulley from the shaft. It took me some time and i really thought it wouldn’t work because at first the pulley didn’t move a single mm. After about 10-15minutes playing with the hot air gun and the screwdrivers the pulley finally came loose :slight_smile:

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god to know that it´s not impossible