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Chaka vesc for sale No Longer For Sale

This is an unused vesc, and i might be selling my unused tacon and charger later too. I’m just selling off parts for a build i never completed, so all parts are new. Nothing wrong with the vesc(i only powered it up) I’m getting out of the esk8 game for a while so that I can pay for a summer trip to mexico so im selling off my eboard parts. The current lead time for a new vesc is a few weeks to months so for anyone who needs a vesc as fast as 1 week or less from the day you purchase leave a comment or pm me. Now I would like to get 150-160 if possible as im behind about 3-500 dollars on the trip budget. Thanks guys! Btw this is version 4.11

edit: yes i did have a similar thread a while ago this is a different vesc and properly categorized

from where are you? inside eu?

United states CA Im willing to ship international though

Edit your purchase must be through paypal only however

Might be useful to post what h/w version it is

good point thanks

More info please
Battery end xt60?
Motor side 5mm bullets?
Heat sink?
Pic would be nice too

How much and what version? I’m in Los Angeles, specifically. If you’re close I could just drive and pick it up.

I’m in the Bay Area and could pick up locally as well if it’s still available.

I am hear to squash any rumors about me as apparently some on here believe I may have scammed someone or make false claims. I have purchased goods from one person on here and that is @lox897 our purchase went very smoothly as I needed a few more days to get the cash and we were good. @DeathCookies and I did not however have a great dealing and due to miscommunication I was unable to buy the vesc. Now I also said i would by an extra capacitor from @chaka and when I asked him to ship it i had not first checked my oaypoal to see my balance at zero. so i asked him for a bit of an extension to pay and said I would however he offered the capacitor to me for free which i glady accepted. Now I believe I have been a pretty decent member on this site Ive had a few bad momnets but for the most prt they have been good. Now if u think I will scam u then simply take your money else where however if u want what i have to offer I will provide a tracking number and my personal adress and phone number if that makes u feel more comfortable. I enjoy smooth purchase and dealings so all my transactions are through paypal where they have very excellent buyer protection for FREE. so ill get back to all who asked questions and for those spreading these rumors i have nothing against u but kindly fuck off. :grinning:

Its got 5.5mm bullet battery connectors and motor side i already soldered off the connectors. No heat sink is attached however i did order 4 recently and my order should arrive next week so if you would like me to send one with it or later on let me know. Ill upload a photo as soon as i figure out how this damned laptop works(its a different one):joy:

I have never made a purchase from you… Not sure why you tagged me?

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