Chaka's VESC repair log

I looked for bridges with a magnify glass but didn’t see any but that doesn’t mean anything I have learned. So let me get this straight if I had the power supple I would the current to what? And then if there was a short the power supply would stop supplying power to the vesc. Basically it’s a safety fuse

Sorry one more question in bedders directions he loads a boot-loader onto the bed is this necessary? When I flash the firmware always flashes and takes a few seconds but the boot loader only seems to flash if I unplug the vesc and plug it back in.

So I flashed the vesc hooked up a 9v to power and waited five second but never get the red flashed led I do not get this

@chaka Do you have experience what components die when the 12s voltage touches the 5v line because of a lead fracture? I think the 5v to 3.3v LDO is destroyed, but I hope the STM is save, because it sits “behind” this LDO. I am also not 100% sure if that have killed my drv8302. Maybe also others here have experience what dies in that special case. Would be cool to know, before I investigate a lot of time in fixing.

The 5v is provide by the DRV, so it is most likely to be burn, also you might want to check the can traceiver (it is also highly sensible)

Are you in the US? Mine toasted and i need to know what the heck happenend. Have you seen this failure ?

@ralphy wow it is missing half the capacitor… this is what cause your problem… It had create a overvoltage on the remaining capacitor, wich can easily blow them, like what happen to c40

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I wired my vesc backwards so when I plugged it in it was a atomatic short now no lights or anything show up want do I need to replace to fix it and could you give me a link to those parts?

You likely burned some traces and the drv chip with reverse polarity.

WIll anyone be willing to sell a DRV chip in Europe? I have a friend coming from Portugal in Dec.

Hey Chaka I have a vesc that failed and would like repaired but was wondering what I’m looking at as far as price goes. It’s from enertion.

He doesn’t repair other companies vescs

Hey could you fix my vesc, i dont know what is wrong with it.

I configured all the settings in the Bldc tool and had the vest running in foc

everthing was working great and i could control the motor with my ppm controller

them next time i tried the throttle (board was on its back entire time) the red light flashed three times

the i began to carry it to the other room and hit the throttle one more time by accident and the vesc sparked and smoke came out after further inspect i thing dmv chip is fried wont power on and no lights or anything but caps arent damaged

Fox has hurt many a vesc not recommended for 4.12

If it’s not powering on anymore and you’re not seeing any lights I think that’s more than a DRV issue. My experience is DRV blown just means the motors won’t roll and you’ll see flashing red lights, but the microcontroller should still be working fine (ie power on and lights are working). No lights would indicate something else fried as well.

oh, thank you for the info

so is it not possible to run foc on 4.12? also what hardware versions are recommended and where can i find more info about it

Kind of a hit or miss

VESC 4.12 is the newest as of right now (6 is in late development, arrival probably by early-mind 2017). So basically, you’re in the best position to run it, as it is definitely possible on 4.12, but FOC can be very finicky. It’s extremely easy to not set it up right, and unless it is set up perfectly, you can very easily fry something (the DRV chip most of the time). I’m still using BLDC for that reason.

thanks for the help :slight_smile: might come back here soon with more questions