Chaka's VESC repair log

FOC works well with auto detection on large sk3 motors but not much else. FOC also knocks your top speed down a little. Personally, I really like the sound of dual motors in bldc mode. You get a really nice chorus effect during acceleration.

If you have a blown DRV from FOC use then one of the DRV legs will likely be fused to the pcb and you will need surgical like precision to remove it without pulling the pcb trace off the board when you remove the chip.

I am really sorry for not offering repair services on VESC’s from other vendors but they always seem to fail again after little use due to many variables.

Sorry for the lack of presence on the forums lately everyone. We are logging nearly 16 hours a day in the shop right now finishing FreeRide pre-orders. Doesn’t leave much time for anything else. :laughing:

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When using my VESC, after riding it for a good 40 miles, I took out my board to ride it and didnt mount down the motor wires so they grinded on the motor and shorted the VESC blowing the DRV chip. I removed the DRV chip, and it seems to be the only thing that got blown since when i plug it in, I still get lights. Is there a way I can send you my VESC for a repair?

what kind is it

Sorry James, we only provide warranty/repair service on hardware we build.

You might find someone willing to tackle this around the forums.

It is from DIYElcetricSkateboard

Hate to speak for him but he won’t repair one of those also I don’t recommend diyepectric boards if u want my honest opinion

If u need one buy and axle

The VESC is essentially the exact same as the pictures Ive seen throughout this thread though

Yes but he doesn’t stand behind his products he just sells them and if they stop working he kinda leaves u out to dry

Edit also a warranty for a vesc is very important along with a vendor who will provide support

is there anyone on the forum that would fix it for money?

Dexter offers a warranty as well, it’s just extra. About the same cost as Ollins if you buy the warranty. Personally Dexter has always been very helpful to me and stood behind his products.

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Message @JohnnyMeduse, he does VESC repair.

Yes but he doesn’t stand behind his products he just sells them and if they stop working he kinda leaves u out to dry

You have no reason to start bagging on Dexter. This VESC was working and failed due to rider error. Keep the threads clean and give Dexter a little more respect.


i offered an opinion take it how you want too but at the end of the day its an opinion

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Yep… @jrlowe24 message me… I can probably do it.

Thank @mmaner :blush:

since many community members think it inappropriate for me to tell you my opinion I will let you know that I also had some products from him work fine and my own opinion in this sense doesn’t affect the reason your vesc stopped working. So in regards to ur vesc send it off to @JohnnyMeduse but shipping may be a killer for you depending on where you are. I do highly reccomend axle for a vesc at an affordable price with a good warranty and good service. @zmoney . also you can contact dexer @torqueboards and maybe he can work out a repair for 60 bucks or something. Best of luck!

Hi there… 1st post, so ill do my best… Im retrofitting a chinese mountainboard as one of the controllers failed… I have 2 vedder 4.12 vesc, intending to connect via cannbus… Now for the problem…! I had them wired for power, but not interconnected, had them (loosely, yes i know, stupid) assembled in the case in a sort of square, L to reverse L format,caps at 90deg… Connected the power, all good… Then i went to plug in the usb… There was a tiny little spark as one of the capacitor legs touched one of the last 2 pins of the ‘P1’ connector either pin ‘MP’ or ‘5v’ (cant quite read all the letters/positioning…) The LED went out, no comms over USB… Can anyone tell me what ive probably killed, and what i need to replace…? Many Thanks,



Possible repair on ollin vesc? There’s a bunch going on here

@chaka how do I go about your servicces and how much are they? no lights come on during power up and mosfets looks like goners